NaijaDAO governor Manifesto

I am Oluwaseyi is an entrepreneur and a technology disruptor :wink: :rocket:. A mechanical engineer by training and practise, I am also known for my one-of-a-kind projects in drone construction, configuration and additive manufacturing. I have been active in the blockchain space for about 7 years now. Apart from my vibrant activity in the cryptocurrency space, I am also a vocal advocate for the wider adoption of decentralization as well as decentralized exchanges/platforms in all aspects of society.
I am the project lead for @Dexfiat; a decentralized, community-regulated, peer-to-peer gateway for transaction across fiat and crypto assets.
And I also found Cryptosmart Analyst @cryptosmartanalyst on telegram, A crypto educational channel to enlighten and guide crypto traders and investors about the smart way to trade and invest in the blockchain-verse

I will love to be voted in as one the the HarmonyNaijaDAO @NaijaDAO governors as I am actively looking at opportunities that facilitate community empowerment, tech-aided development and decision transparency across Africa through decentralized technologies.
With my connections, resilience, technical, team player and leadership skills, I believe I will be a good asset to the HarmonynaijaDAO team to bring about the widespread of the Harmony chain across the western Nigeria metropolis and Nigeria at large.
:rocket::rocket::blue_heart: :blue_heart::blue_heart::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3: :blue_heart:


Very good manifesto, with what you have said you have the charisma and resources and experience to be a lead I believe you can do great


Nooooiiiiicee nice nooooiiiiicee. Expected nothing less from my boy. #dexfiat #daos #governance:naija-dao


Great Manifesto Seyi! I wish you success in your campaign.

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