NaijaDao Manifesto For 2022 Governorship Candidate For Q1 Term : MPunkiller

Hello, my name is Clinton (aka MPunkiller) but I’d prefer to be addressed as Sonkeya since I am a kind of person that honours and take pride in ones cultural heritage, y’all can just call me ‘MPunkiller’, since that’s what people in the Harmony Community, know me as.

So you see, my vast interest in technology started at a young age, as I am so skilled in some aspects of tech, l also run a growing tech media platform called ‘Olioval’ ( and my main aim is to promote the brand along with Harmony One Blockchain.

About me bringing something to harmony:

One thing people find interesting about me is my consistency and dedication towards everything I do, and for this fact, I tend to carry everyone along too.

I have been an active participant in Crypto platforms, Blockchain, and moreso, Harmony chain.

I have great love for Harmony, as to why I never stopped talking about this community to people. I go as far as creating invites and telling them interesting things about Harmony.

With a sincere heart, I will be glad and will love to be voted in as the Harmony Naija DAO Governor because my Optimism, resilience and dedication is a driving tool that Harmony Naija needs, and I believe it will definitely add to the growth of this community. And as such, it would give me the zeal to keep spreading about the Harmony chain to everyone in Nigeria.

Thanks in Anticipation.

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Mpunkiller a good one you have here. Ensure you create as much awareness as needed as you begin your campaign. I wish you good luck!

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Good luck mate for your interest to contribute to Harmony ecosystem, niajaDAO