P2E NFT Game -- Legends of Aria

Name of Project

Legends of Aria

Proposal overview

Legends of Aria (or LoA) is an MMORPG that was released in 2020. We are in the process of converting the title into a play-to-earn NFT game, loosely following the dual-token economic model pioneered by Axie Infinity.

Through our token sale, we will be raising roughly $5 million to improve the game, implement the blockchain features, scale our team, and plan & execute large marketing campaigns. We are aiming to go live with the new launch in October 2022.

For more information, please review our pitch deck: LoA DECK.pdf - Google Drive

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

Attaining 100,000+ users would be a massive success for the game (and the tokens associated with the game).

External links

Website: https://legendsofaria.io/
Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.legendsofaria.com/
Launch Trailer: Legends of Aria Launch Trailer - YouTube


Wow ! Great Work Man !:heart::heart:

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Looks good, can you break down to what the 1Mil would be used for?

As He Said Scale His Team And Large Campaigns !

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We have a comprehensive budget document and go-to market strategy that I can share, but in general, it will be used to (1) improve the game, (2) implement the blockchain features, (3) scale our team, and (4) plan & execute large marketing campaigns

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Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:

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I think this game would be great for Harmony. It would be a high-quality MMORPG that is rare in crypto. I think it should be funded. But not at $1 million

Can you break down the funding into specific categories with objective goals and deliverables? If you’re asking for a $1 million investment from Harmony, what is Harmony getting for that investment?

Since the game has already been launched previously, and to my understanding was, at least in part, crowd-funded, what development still remains? I understand there will be costs involved in order to put it on Harmony and integrating it with NFTs and your in-game tokens, but that doesn’t sound like it requires $1 million

The goals and deliverables are outlined in our roadmap:

In terms of what Harmony would get, the network would benefit from all the users and potential growth in token price, which they could sell off to fund other great projects.

And, in terms of development costs, there are a lot of things we plan to add to the game to make it a more immersive experience. Most of these additions are all outlined in the whitepaper.

You’re asking for a $1 million “investment”, but Harmony won’t receive any stake in the project for said investment? That sounds more like a grant.

Grants typically go for $50k, and I would fully support a $50k grant. I wouldn’t support a $1 million grant.

Harmony made a recent $250k investment in a project and received $250k in that game’s in-game token. What would LoA offer?

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For $1 million investment, they’d receive $1 million worth of the game’s main utility token (ARIA)-- I thought that was implied via the deck. We’re selling the Legends of Aria tokens to raise funds for the project. We’re also open to equity deals or a combination of equity and tokens. We’re not asking for a grant.

I appreciate the clarification. I think I would prefer that explicitly stated in the proposal

Personally, I would love to see LoA on Harmony. But based on Harmony’s prior funding for games, I don’t know that I’d be supportive of the full $1 million. Either way, best of luck. And thank you for the responses

Of course, sorry for the confusion.

I appreciate the support! :pray:

Hi Joseph - gonna paste a prior conversation we had on telegram here for the community to consider.

papiofficial, [Apr 5, 2022 at 3:00:39 PM]:

Yeah, let’s talk. A few questions to help frame the convo:

1- based on roadmap, looks like game isn’t live yet onchain yet. How does the community feel about LOA going onchain?

2- what are your plans for the non-blockchain version of LOA? Free and subscription versions.

3- in terms of investment, do you have a lead investor and who is it? What are you looking to raise?

4- the art looks great. Any of these videos good enough to give me a sense of gameplay? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=legends+of+aria

Thursday/Friday for me is best.

Joseph Rubin, [Apr 6, 2022 at 7:51:17 AM (Apr 6, 2022 at 7:54:56 AM)]:

1.) Everyone I’ve spoken to is excited about the move. They don’t all plan to play the blockchain version, but they understand that the crypto-version will also cause the free-to-play version to get an increase in players given that we will be marketing the game like never before and providing new content. The ones that do plan to play are quite intrigued.

2.) The free-to-play version will be similar but just without the blockchain features. While there won’t be a subscription, we’ll still be generating revenue via the in-game store and character transfers.

3.) We just started our outreach for our token sale, so we have yet to secure a lead investor. Is that something Harmony would potentially consider? We plan to raise $5 million via the token sale (I can share our budget and marketing plan as well if you’re interested). We also are planning to do an NFT sale this summer to raise another couple million, and then an equity round later in the year.

4.) Yes, they should give you a sense. The only difference is that, with the new release, you will also be able to toggle from the camera angle you see in those videos to the over-the-shoulder camera angle shown above in the “NEW GAMEPLAY SNEAKPEAK” clip. There’s a lot of great PvP clips on YouTube. I’d also check out this showcase of the player-houses:

Hey team - thank you for your application.

For an investment-specific discussions, let’s definitely take this to telegram as some items might be sensitive. But for everything else, let’s keep the convo on the forum so the community can stay involved.

Here’s the bottom-line:

1- I like the game play and the art looks great
2- I love how LoA is already live, with players and you’re getting ready to put it on chain
3- My main concern is the roadmap going into 2023; we prefer games that will launch much sooner - preferably in 2022.

Let me check with the team on this one. I’ll either ping you here or in telegram if I have investment-specific questions.

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Has there been an update?

Hey, should hopefully have some good news later this month after we secure a lead investor!

Regarding (3), the roadmap, the game will launch this year in October. We’ve got new content planned for next year though, and likely will continue to add new content in perpetuity to make sure players never get bored

Happy to answer any more questions that the community may have! :smile:

Hey @Joseph_Rubin checking in to see how we can help. Of course feel free to ping me on telegram. We are interested in having Legends of Aria on Harmony and see it as being very exciting for the community. Let us know when you have a lead investor.

Hey thanks, @papi. We should have some good news soon. I’ll ping you on Telegram later in the week with another update!

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