Paracity: metaverse planning from performative and sustainable architecture/urban design

Name of Project


Proposal overview

The project arises from architectural and urbanistic expertise, responding to an emerging field among the virtual reality that expands the possibilities of contemporary and participatory design.

Notions of development:

While media in real world is determined by the environment (topography, orientation, temperature, etc.), in the virtual world such parameters are not implied. But that does not mean there is no actions intervening the virtual space. Our research aims to explore the parametric transposition and visualitation through virtual space of data as environment generator (number of users connected, volumen of data exchanges, tokens involved, social media, etc.). Therefore this ‘metaurban’ space becomes a mutable one according to the behavior of media.

Sustainability as a strategy responds to three main areas: social, economic and environmental. This way of thinking metaverse, that transfers these parameters to its own generation, makes it a proposal that is designed for the future under the optimization of resources both economically (profitability), social (creating a community fabric) and environment friendly (energy consumption as a response to the system demand).

Generating a parametric fabric, built on algorithmics and fed by the system’s metadata, works as a basis for the operability and visualization of the Paracity held at metaverse. Thus, the city becomes an organic and living manifestation of the community behind it. The appropriation by the users goes beyond the intervention in micro scale parameters (surfaces, furniture, etc.), to expand to the macro-scale (‘metaurbanism’).

The Paracity involves the performance of spaces with an appearance of everyday life for the user but expanding its potential through intervention or participation. Degrees of intervention would be established according to levels of involvement. From the external user, as a visitor who has access to the public space, as a relational place, passing through the DAO communities with higher intervention capacities, as well as users who acquire assets within this space. In addition, the concept of a module system would appear (with potentiality and flexibility performance analogue to the ‘metabolist’ architecture) for the management of assets. Integrated modules, under the parametric fabric, would respond to the system or macro scale (urbanism) but would have their own agency and development on a micro scale (architecture).


A team integrated by architects, urbanists and researchers among these areas from a performative approach of space and the generation of contemporary design resilient to media and its parameterization. We are working through unexplored possibilities and potentiality of a contemporary urban/architectural design transversality on the metaverse environment.

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

In 3 months there would be a proposal presented in 2 interconnected approaches:

  1. A report that reflects in a concrete way, at a theoretical level, the proposal for the generation of the Paracity .
  2. A visual sample in VR to experience a space for a possible venue.
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Per Harmony X I approve this $10k grant


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