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Amazing update, thank you harmony for the amazing community and team you have :blue_heart:

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“Hello everyone, it’s time for a MAD Update!

On last week’s news letter we mentioned all of the changes we plan to bring you. We have confirmed a provisional launch date of these new features for May 31st. With this update you’ll be able to trade your NFTs on our secondary marketplace in both ERC-721 as well as ERC-1155!

We will keep the community updated with our progression towards this goal as well as new features that we will be releasing after this big update. We are in all out build mode

Don’t forget to keep up to date will us on Twitter, Discord and Instagram where you can leave comments and ask questions from the team. We’re here to serve the community and make a difference for collectors as well as creators, so be sure to reach out!

Please keep using the platform and let us know any questions you have so we can improve user experience. Finally, keep supporting the wonderful artists that are dropping regularly on madnfts.io . We just hit over 200 creators and are so glad you’re all here for this mad ride.

Let’s Make A Difference Together!”

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Hello everyone, it’s time for a MAD update!

We had a fantastic Twitter Spaces on Thursday with both our Founder Skin and JP talking to the community and engaging in some great topics of conversation. Namely our push towards the new upgraded platform and some emotional reflecting on the progress we’ve made in the last year. They will be joining us on Thursdays spaces on a bi-weekly basis, so make sure to come along at 5pm UTC!

With the additional developers we’ve taken on we are still targeting the May 31st deadline for the new react platform and you will be kept up to date if that date changes at any point.

In the background we are upgrading our Academy videos as well as creating a new launch page for the Academy that shows your progression and tracks the videos you’ve watched up to.

We are constantly working to create new content that will support you and the crypto community and this includes our DAO tools. You can now sign up to the MADNFT platform as a DAO if you are one. When doing this, creators will have the option to delegate a percentage of their NFT sales to your DAO. If you’re a creative based DAO then this will give you a better path towards self sustainability. We will be creating new tools and videos (Consulting with the Harmony DAO operations team) for you to use in the future to further improve your paths towards self sustainability and assist your community.

On a final note, we’ve just confirmed our new Verified Artist!
Since our launch on Harmony, creator ToonCatsLab has embodied what it means to Make A Difference and has effectively engaged with all the tips we give in our Academy so we want to congratulate him on his new Verified position!

You can reach Verified Creator status too! Follow our simple Academy Guide and you can reach Verified with some consistency. One of the biggest factors is engagement with your work, through purchasing or liking. If you want to give your work and account a boost, or would like to help boost another creator, then bring your friends along to the platform to dish out some likes on your NFTs or the NFTs of a creator you love.

The rewards for reaching Verified Artist are:

Promotional post
Higher feature on our tables
Higher prominence on the Creators page
Your artwork featured in our VR Gallery
New rewards coming soon

That’s all for this week MAD Fam, keep up the great engagement and if you have any questions then feel free to ask them on our Twitter spaces Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5pm UTC.

  • MADNFT Core Team

Hey MAD FAM, it’s time for another update!

Last week we produced two great videos showcasing our MADmeta virtual gallery! This gallery is fully available to walk around in VR and view in high definition on PC. The short demo can be seen here - MAD Metaverse | Trailer - YouTube and the longer walkthrough is available here - MAD Metaverse | Walkthrough | 2022 Update - YouTube .

Our metaverse team has worked hard producing this stunning gallery that will be featuring the top liked artwork from the community! We’re so excited to start featuring all your work and the new updates will be made this week. The team has told us their next developments are even better so we’re excited to see what new experiences we can bring to you.

This week we are reshooting our Academy videos as well as some new ones. As our knowledge of NFT has grown over the last few months, we want to make sure that you are also receiving all up to date information. So we’ve revamped our videos to make sure they’re up to date with the latest market so that you can stay ahead of the game. As always any suggestions for future video topics will always be welcomed. If you have any ideas then please send them over to info@madnfts.io .

We’re still extremely excited to bring you our new and improved platform which will make your NFT buying and selling experience even better while still retaining a premium viewing experience. We’re almost 2 weeks out from our new launch so check out some of the new platform graphics below! Ideas are flowing here so we’re excited to bring you even more new features in the next few months. There will never be a shortage of innovation here at MADNFTs.


Here’s those new UI graphics we promised haha! Looks like they got left behind! There’s a few things under wraps still so stay tuned the next few weeks!


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Hey all, heres another weekly update! Check out our latest medium post to hear about our platform updates and the revival of MADCast!


What’s up MAD Fam, it’s time for another update!

While we are having some slight delays with our new MADNFT 2.0 launch for extra testing purposes, we’ll fill you in on what our devs have been up to!

Dev progress report:

  • Our 721 and 1155 minting smart contracts audit and refinement has started
  • The marketplace resale smart contracts audit and refinement has started
  • Wallet connect UX has been refined for better functionality.
  • The creators page, marketplace and drop listing UI are being finalised in the review process.
  • Subgraph development overcoming issues in implementation and nuances on the Harmony testnet
  • Drop create UX review and refinement underway
  • Drop create, contract integration testing underway
  • HTML and react development for adjusted components
  • Data migration for old users to new system
  • Mainnet infrastructure preparations

The Devs are working incredibly hard to roll everything out in time while leaving no stone unturned. We’re so excited to bring you this updated platform which will give creators and collectors alike the best NFT experience.

MAD Cast

In other news, last Friday we uploaded our first metaverse version of the MAD Cast which we’ve named ‘FOMO Friday’. This will be our weekly show shot in the MAD Metaverse Gallery where we discuss top/upcoming NFT projects both outside and in the Harmony ecosystem. Last week we talked about the projects ‘Cosmic universe’, Music NFTs from ‘Schhhart’ and ‘K14 on the track’ as well as the PFP project ‘Baby Kongs’. These are all fantastic projects/people that we definitely recommend checking out! MADcast - #FOMO Friday - YouTube

We will continue to refine and improve this metaverse show with new avatars, new locations and possibly even introducing a live audience for those of you that want to come and hangout in the MAD VR Gallery.

What’s coming this week?

Get ready for two of our community Twitter spaces calls this week with special guests on Thursdays spaces.
Tuesday spaces will begin at 5pm (UTC) which is 1pm Eastern Time for those of you in America. We’ll be covering NFTs for beginners and intermediates so if you have someone new that you want to introduce to NFTs then this is a perfect opportunity to bring them along!

Thursday’s Twitter spaces this week is an extra exciting one with guest speakers from American Ninja Warrior! They’ll be telling us about their NFT project and we’ll take a deeper dive into sport related NFTs. Come along at 10pm (UTC) to listen in. You can find our Twitter page here - https://twitter.com/MADNFTS_IO

Thanks for tuning in and look forward to more updates next week!

MADNFT Core Team

MADNFT Weekly Newsletter

What’s up MAD Fam, It’s time for another Update!

We are still on our push for the new platform launch and have extended our update to bring you even more features than planned!

Our devs have been working hard to build a new Harmony NFT viewer within the MADNFT platform so you can view all your Harmony ONE NFTs in one place. Connecting your metamask wallet will allow you to see your NFTs that you’ve purchased/minted anywhere on Harmony using the 1155 and 721 standards.

We’ve produced a new showcase video to give you a look at all the new features we’re bringing and you can check that out here — https://twitter.com/MADNFTS_IO/status/1532395016588611586?s=20&t=L7N5kDtNCvxJuyKdU3FR6w

This week we’ll be posting more information and sneak peeks across all our socials so keep your eyes peeled and see all the great features that are coming!

Twitter spaces

Last Thursday we had a fantastic Twitter space with some American Ninja Warriors talking about their new NFT Project! We talked about sports personalities in the NFT space, building a new project and got a bit of insight into what it takes to become a Ninja Warrior. To listen to that recording click this link — https://twitter.com/MADNFTS_IO/status/1532460450272530432?s=20&t=L7N5kDtNCvxJuyKdU3FR6w

This week we have NFTs for beginners/intermediate on Tuesday at 5 (UTC) and on Thursday we have a special spaces call on Gaming NFTs! Come talk to us and our guests about the future of gaming and how NFTs can give gamers a never before seen form of ownership.

FOMO Friday

Last Friday we had another great FOMO Friday in the MAD Metaverse where we talked about some notable people/projects in the NFT space. To check out last weeks view it here — MADcast #FOMO Friday #2 - YouTube

If you’d like to participate in this series then give us a dm on Twitter and you could be part of our live audience in the metaverse!

Other notable moments

This week the Light it up DAO features some MADNFT Artists in Denver Via wall projections! We’re incredibly proud of the team led by Suede and their contribution to artists on Harmony. Be on the lookout for their projections of more artists in Las Vegas and at NFT NYC later this month!

Check out our social calendar below to see how you can interact with us this week.

Thank you for patiently waiting for this amazing update we hope to see you this week!

  • MADNFT Core Team

Almost forgot!

The #web3 Word of The Day is LIVE on the MAD tiktok and will be posted across all other platforms today. https://www.tiktok.com/@mad.nft

MADNFT Weekly Update

Hey MAD FAM, it’s time for another Update!

First off we want to say well done to everyone in the space for braving through the bear market. This may appear as dark days but we see it as a fantastic time to keep building and a great test of character to stay true to our mission. Hold on and WAGMI!

Platform development

The MADNFT team is very excited to bring you news on the latest 2.0 platform update coming very soon.

  • Our smart contract audit for 721 and 1155 is being completed this week with our audit team. Some errors have been found and are being resolved within the next 7 days.
  • Subgraph development will be completed by the end of this week thanks to our onboarding of additional developers.

As a team, we are trialling and testing all aspects of this new update to clean it up and finalise the finishing touches. This update will be the biggest advancement MADNFTs has seen since its birth and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve built with all our hard work up until now.

Harmony NFT Trader

The Harmony ecosystem has long been without a place where NFT holders have been able to list/sell/trade their Harmony NFTs, which is why we’ve put extra effort into our secondary marketplace where you’ll be able to list and trade all Da Vinci NFTs!

We believe this will be a huge boost to the Harmony NFT ecosystem and we’ve gone a step further with this advancement. You’ll also be able to view all your Da Vinci NFTs using our Harmony NFT viewer! Be on alert for a demo of this NFT viewer before release.

We will be collecting token/smart contract IDs of large/medium size NFT projects on Harmony and adding them to our system so that these projects and their communities will also be able to view and trade their NFTs on the MADNFT platform.

This is a really exciting update for the Harmony community that we’re very happy to bring to all Harmony NFT collectors.

Twitter spaces

Our community management and communications teams have decided to halt our regular Tuesday Twitter spaces while we focus on rolling out our update. You can still join us on our weekly Thursday Twitter spaces on Thursdays at 9 UTC where you can ask us questions or engage in the topic of the day. Last week we talked about game NFTs and Gamefi which was a very exciting topic, you can listen to the recording here — https://twitter.com/MADNFTS_IO/status/1534658286338777088?s=20&t=YrCsr4ehUlAmgXxcRF3kNw

Other information

Two members of he MADNFT team will be attending NFT NYC and will be there from the 20th-25th. We’re excited to meet some of you and will be attending a lot of events so keep your eyes out for a MADNFT t-shirt!

New updates will be released across our socials and in our weekly newsletter so keep notifications on and get hyped for our fantastic update coming very soon.

  • MADNFT Core Team

MADNFT 2.0 Update

Hey MAD FAM, it’s time for an overdue Update!

For those of you that haven’t attended our Twitter spaces for the latest updates, we’re here to bring you the latest news!

MAD 2.0 Update

The MAD 2.0 update is more than just an update, it’s essentially a new platform with everything we’ve always wanted MADNFTs to be. We’ve worked with countless developers, designers and blockchain advisors to produce this beast, and if we’re honest it’s been more difficult than we initially imagined.

We’ve had setbacks, such as a full restructuring of our smart contracts and issues with Harmony testnet that have required us to explore longer alternative testing methods. But we are still here, building stronger than ever, and we’re almost there…

Last weekend we faced an issue with our subgraph connecting to mainnet which may be linked to hard hat, but we have the Harmony developers helping us as well as outside developer teams to fix this issue. Other than that and running a few more tests on the new fixes, we will be finished and on mainnet!

We’re beyond excited to bring you this new platform that contains an abundance of new features for you to utilise, whether you’re a collector or creator.

Before we get into some of the new features, let’s applaud some new creators! :clap::clap:

Creator successes

In the last 2 weeks we’ve seen some fantastic creators onboard themselves to the MAD platform who are all producing great work and testing out forms of utility and experimentation.

Harmony Burn’s latest drop — Project X: Burnies Initiative — is a great show of faith and support from the Harmony artists community.

“Receive an NFT while burning half of the tokens used for purchase! The burning of the ONE token contributes to the value, through the increase of scarcity.

Half of the profits will be automatically sent to the Harmony official burn wallet and the other half will go towards supporting the Best of Harmony One Projects.

Wear your Burnies with honor as you contribute to this Initiative.

You own all rights to your Burnies when minting.”

We commend the creators for their contribution to the Harmony community through increased token scarcity and by giving support to great Harmony projects.

Another notable creator is MAD Ladies!

MAD Ladies has produced fantastic high quality artwork that is consistently selling out. They are showing great knowledge of the space, utilizing scarcity alongside quality, airdrops for purchasers of 2 or more NFTs and regularly posting / engaging!

Keep an eye out for their latest drops here! — MAD Ladies Archives - MAD | NFT

Now, time to talk new features!

Harmony NFT Trader & Viewer

The Harmony ecosystem has long been without a place where NFT holders have been able to list / sell / trade / view their Harmony NFTs, which is why we’ve put extra effort into our secondary marketplace where you’ll be able to list and trade all our NFTs as well as Da Vinci NFTs and Tofu NFTs!

We believe this will be a huge boost to the Harmony NFT ecosystem and we’ve gone a step further with the addition of our NFT viewer.

Optimised Creator Dashboard

Knowing how you’re progressing and being able to fully customise your profile are huge advantages for creators. So we’ve created a new optimised dashboard where you can do the following :

  • In depth profile and dashboard customisation where you can edit your bio, profile picture and background image.

  • Manage and share your NFT collections.

  • Full control over NFT sales, visibility (unlisted) and the introduction of auction sales.

  • View your top contibutors and utlise your 100 FREE Airdrops

  • View statistics of your NFT sales and likes

  • Explore the academy on your profile to learn how to up your NFT game!

We hope you’ll love all these new features which will help you better manage your profile and boost your sales.

Twitter spaces

You can join us on our weekly Tuesday Twitter spaces at 9pm UTC where you can ask us questions or engage in the topic of the day. If you would like to come on to talk about specific topics surrounding NFTs then please reach out to us on our Twitter before hand.

New updates will be released across our socials, so keep notifications on and get hyped for our fantastic update coming very soon!

• MADNFT Core Team