Request for Grant -

thank you. Look forward to speaking

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@Chak_Raam @frwrdslosh @DevinMarty here is the update from last week

We added three sample guides

  1. Creative DAO
  2. Meta Gamma Delta
  3. zkDAO

We will soon reach out to them to develop multiple and more detailed guides.

love it. Your approach is very comprehensive cant wait to get to work

Hi there! Seen all the progress you’ve made. Fantastic work! Keep me posted on when we can start with the onboarding content.

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Thanks a lot for the message :blue_heart: :pray:. Will send you DM @Sianoi to setup time to talk about HER DAO.

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Thanks for presenting Robin. LightItUpDAo is onboard.


@Chak_Raam @DevinMarty @frwrdslosh here are the updates from last week

  1. Connected with @Suede0619 and Bloomz from LightItUpDAO. Will collaborate to have the first guide of LightItUp DAO created.
  2. Connected with @Bricktop_One from Creative DAO and discussed about developing onboarding content in the coming weeks
  3. Talked to @Harmonious_Dude from Community DAO and will be soon adding a guide for Community DAO
  4. Added a sample guide for Developer DAO
  5. Connected with @Sianoi from HER DAO.

This weeks plan

  1. Connect with Matty from Basic DAO and try to add a guide for them
  2. Connect with @Rufo21 and will try to do a video about Aura Dogs

Can’t wait to connect and start creating content together … :raised_hands:

This is so much interesting. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you getting the grant soon.

Do you have incentive program for community?

great stuff @robinnagpal I love the collab energy. With ensuing DAO ecosystem reformscoming, focusing your immediate attention on the most foundational DAO’s like community and basic dao is likely the wisest. What I think would benefit the community and ecosystem the most would be a guide to Harmony DAO ecosystem as a whole! A base layer of knowledge to get all DAOist up to par before even choosing or evaluating a DAO. In theory, That guide could have the broadest and most immediate effect on the ecosystem as well as pave the way for multiple layers of education when they get to a specific daos guide. This would also save work in the production of each guide by reducing the need for the same foundational knowledge content being put in each guide specifically, while decreasing redundancy for community members who will become part of multiple DAOs. I love DODAO gonna change this space

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Thanks Chak! That is a great suggestion. Intact I was also thinking of something similar.

To create that guide/s it will take some time as I need to go though the notion site in detail and will need inputs from Harmony team too.

let me know how i can support with facilitation and/or curation of content or team relationships

Thanks Chak! May be we should create a telegram group to discuss this in detail. Will DM you!

Woof Woof. AURA DOGS @Rufo21 @RAMIRO_ALBAN @CryptoPoeta


Robin you are amazing! Great to meet you and a wonderful meeting! please count on our full support towards DoDAO as Aura Dogs DAO. Let’s DAO in Harmony my friend :slight_smile:

Beautiful… Much needed! Hope to see this.

@dpagan-harmony @ElixirofLife Guide of Ambassador DAO is here :blue_heart: :green_heart:

I have already added @ElixirofLife as admin on DoDAO for Ambassador DAO. Let me know your wallet address @dpagan-harmony and I can add you as an admin as well

@OG_Lemurman Guide for Sustainable Development DAO is here :green_heart: :blue_heart:

I have already added @ElixirofLife as admin on DoDAO for Sustainable Development DAO. Let me know your wallet address @OG_Lemurman and I can add you as an admin as well

@Chak_Raam @DevinMarty @dpagan-harmony

This is one of the first DAO proposals I have read in awhile that the community would get behind.

Clear, concise, direct and not asking for out of this world money.

Good to finally come across real proposals!