Rhythm - new validator

Validator Name


Staking Profile

Commission %

Minimum fees. 0% currently and the protocol will automatically move this up to 5% on epoch 843

Infrastructure Setup

Cloud setup. Running a droplet on Digital Ocean and a Contabo VPS as a backup. The droplet is CPU-optimized 4vCPU/8GB RAM, and the backup is a VPS XL with NVMe storage.

About Us

I’m a huge fan of the Harmony blockchain, community, and ecosystem. I enjoy helping people learn about different ways they can get involved and help the community grow. I’ve been developing software professionally for 6 years and have a passion for building things. Though I’m only one person, I don’t view my validator as a one-man project. I don’t have the funds or the desire go at this alone. My goal is to have a team of delegators who can share suggestions and feedback to help shape our future. Rewards will be great when they come, but that’s secondary to my mission of making a difference in our community. I’m a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, autism awareness, mental health awareness, and sustainability.

My introduction to Harmony came from posts in several different subreddits. People kept mentioning ONE and making ONE puns and I wanted to see what they were all so hyped about. After some research, I got really excited for the project. After investing some and getting more involved with the community I realized I wanted to get even more involved. That’s what initially led me to set up a validator.

I’ve tried to be as involved as I can with the Harmony community and ecosystem. I’m very active in multiple groups designed to help get more validators up and running. After setting my own validator up and working toward gaining a presence on social media, I’ve wanted to help others do the same. Also, I’ve gotten involved with a few Harmony-specific development projects. I want to continue using that skillset to solve problems within the Harmony community.

Validator Pledge

Harmony’s Effective Proof-of-Stake Validators are the backbones of the Harmony infrastructure. I/We shall pledge to constantly run an up-to-date validator, promote a decentralized validator community, and use best practices of running a validator service.

I/We have read the Terms and Concepts in detail and fully understood its purpose, possess the know-how of running this service, and know the risk-rewards to run this service. I/We fully understand Harmony’s Definitive Guide to Harmony Open Staking