Running for DEV DAO: Candidate John Whitton

Hi all,

You may remember me from my time at Harmony, here’s a copy of my background

John Whiton has been passionate about software and technology since high school. He graduated from the University of Queensland in Computer Science and travelled globally leading the design and development of many Service Oriented Architectures. He has built private permissioned blockchains on Ethereum and Hypersphere Fabric, grew the ecosystem for a public blockchain at Harmony. He has worked extensively with decentralized financial protocols, bringing a unique perspective by combining his extensive corporate experience with IBM, SAP, Deloitte and KPMG with the disruptive financial models being developed on blockchain.

John has over 20 years of experience. An early entrepreneur, he founded his own consultancy firm which he grew to $800k in revenues and ran from 2000-2009. One of his former clients, EFI ($1.6 billion market cap) brought him on as a Manager in Enterprise Systems Architecture where he remained for 6 years. The next stage of John’s career brought him to Blockchain where he was CTO for Loyyal (BaaS company) and an Ecosystem Architect at Harmony. At Harmony, John helped launch the Mainnet while also being intimately involved with hiring decisions and business strategy.

Since April 2020, John has worked as a founder providing strategy, design and building out DeFi infrastructure including Parachains and Trading Protocols on Polkadot and Solidity Based DeFi applications across multiple chains.

So my main interest in getting involved is helping people and myself grow and succeed.

Recently I’ve been working on a multichain DeFi app which has been launched on harmony and building out some DeFi infrastructure on Polkadot.

I’ll have bandwidth for 4 to 16 hours per week.

Looking forward to DAOing it. :slight_smile: