Running for DEV DAO: Ivo


My name is Ivo Elenchev
github: Elenchev (Ivo Elenchev) · GitHub

I’m a DeFi dev with 8 years of software development experience. My main interests are smart contract security, automated yield strategies and DEX arbitrage & order execution.

I’ve lead small teams of developers, and I’ve helped recruit developers for backend, frontend and networking positions. I’ve mentored junior developers and helped them grow.

I started building on Harmony because it solved some of the issues I faced with the DeFi app I’m working on. I’d love to help more developers discover Harmony and create useful applications on it.


I started my career as a backend developer in the gambling industry. The latency / networking problems that I faced on a daily basis helped me with my hobby which eventually turned into a career - low latency arbitrage on centralized exchanges. I spent some time in a data analytics company and I eventually transitioned to a senior dev role at an algo trading company where I worked on arbitrage algorithms and efficient execution strategies for centralized crypto exchanges.

As I learned more about DeFi I started applying our algorithms to DEXes and began spending more time developing trading algorithms and arbitrage bots for the decentralized world. Eventually, I quit my full-time job to focus on DeFi.

Currently, I spend most of my time working on a DeFi project that I plan to launch on Harmony next month.


I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science & economics.

Whitehat / Smart Contract Security

During the last few months, I’ve discovered exploits in several DeFi projects and I’ve helped devs improve their smart contracts:

  • I recently discovered a vulnerability in some of the smart contracts on Harmony and Helped the Harmony team resolve it

  • I audited the smart contracts of Olympus DAO (top 100 on ConGecko) and helped them defend the OHM bonding contracts from flash loan exploits

  • I found a minting vulnerability in and helped the developers resolve it

  • Just this week I found vulnerabilities in 2 yield aggregators (on Ethereum & BSC) and I’m currently helping both teams migrate to new smart contracts

Open Source

A few months ago I developed a limit order book heatmap for Binance which gathered some steam on reddit:

I’m currently working on a web dashboard that summarizes the top 50 DeFi hacks and categorizes them by attack vector and auditor. I’ll update this post after I release it.

Another project that I’m currently working on is an orderbook visualizer for Uniswap v3 which helps users improve the APY they receive by concentrating their liquidity in more suitable ranges.

Why vote for me

I’d love to help developers build on Harmony.
My focus on smart contract security will be a great asset for the growing DeFi ecosystem on Harmony. I’ll help devs improve the security of their smart contracts and keep user funds safe.


A whitehat who finds zero day vulnerabilities -what a asset to the DEV DAO team you will be!! Absolutely got my vote.