Running for Developer DAO Governor: "Boone Bergsma"

I would love to be a governor of the Developer DAO because I think it is an amazing opportunity to build my skills as a Web3 DEV, and share my knowledge and experiences from being a entrepreneur for the last 12 years. I got into the blockchain/DLT space two years ago and continue to learn and research everyday to increase my skillsets and would share what I have learned with the community.

For the last year I have been working on starting and developing DeFi & DApps that have societal and environmental benefits. And Iā€™m excited to see what Harmony is up to, and looking forward to building in the ecosystem.

As a governor of the Developer DAO I would love to create educational YouTube videos that would help others learn to build on Harmony, and about the tools and programs available. Also to help plan workshops where those wanting to build on Harmony could get help with specific development tasks and learn from watching real uses cases getting built. I would bring unique insights to the team and a passion for helping others be successful starting up in the Harmony ecosystem.

About me:

Thank you for your consideration :slight_smile: please vote for me to join the Developer DAO!


Looks promising! Thanks for the post.

It looks like you can also consider building some tools that will bring more women into building and experimenting with blockchain technology which will undoubtedly elevate our overall success. If you can consider that as one of the goals you support, you have my viote.

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Thank you! And I would be glad to help find more ways to encourage women to build businesses and skills in blockchain industry. Both my sisters are entrepreneurs :slight_smile: and my mom is my hero.

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Love to hear this! Thanks much! Good luck.

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Check out the twitter space if the dev DAO