Social-Token Powered DAO Magazine by Violet Summer DAO

Name of DAO

Violet Summer DAO

Proposal overview

Capture the movement through DAO Magazine

Tired of the same old articles? Lame content on LinkedIn or news articles that don’t quite capture the true vibe of the web3 movement? Well, look no further. DAO Magazine by Violet Summer DAO is here to provide the Web3 community with the highest caliber of content.

Where did we come from? You already know. Violet Summer is a design and technology-driven writing platform and brand focused on documenting the personality and stories of urban crypto culture. We have been in existence since 2015 and focused on supporting creators, visionaries by telling their stories from a unique perspective. After over 10 million impressions across the web2 space, Violet Summer’s audience is ready for web3 and the exploration of the metaverse. We are creators of Crypto in the City, Urban Girl Boss, Violet Summer Zine, H.E.R DAO Newsletter, Mefeaer and many other platforms. Read previous zines here.

Introducing: DAO Magazine by Violet Summer DAO, the first high brow editorial platform dedicated to showcasing DAOs – their journey, lifestyle and mission, in the Harmony network. We believe that DAOs are a new and exciting organizational structure that empowers their stakeholders, while maximizing transparency and accountability. We aim to be the central foot-on-ground storyteller to archive unique DAO stories in a meaningful way from a trusted source with experience and authority.

Proposal ask

Violet Summer DAO is asking for $15,000 to develop, distribute and launch DAO Magazine, tokenized digital magazine with print archival features. Budget here

Violet Summer DAO Vision

A magazine running on social tokens and good vibes only

DAO Magazine is the very opposite of high street fashion monotony. It’s about originality, creativity, and cooperation. Combining the finest features of print media with the best of digital-based distribution, DAO Magazine will be the go-to cultural news source for everything surrounding DAOs in the Harmony Network. We aim to document the spirit and personality of urban crypto culture in futuristic formats through token gates and content communities.

Metrics for success

We hope to bring together a group of editors in the realm of editorial, design and visual to create the first high-brow DAO Magazine featuring some of the most forward-thinking and innovative collectives in the space. This content will live on-chain as token-gated content. Our metric for success will be a “Poof of Reading” governance verified by open-source infrastructure.


  1. Document Culture

The journey to documenting the next frontier in the creator economy on-chain is fundamental. Creators are the backbone of Web3 and DAOs are how they collaborate. There

  1. Decentralized Publishing

Through community governance, DAO magazine will publish content based on a community voting structure and $Read tokenomics.

  1. Education

We’ll educate web2 writers and editors about web3 and the power of community on the Harmony blockchain.

Problems To Be Solved

1. Lack Mainstream Storytelling

If 2021 was the year of NFTs, 2022 will be the year of DAOs. We aim to document as many stories as possible through digital means and on the blockchain. One thing that defined communication and storytelling. If we don’t tell our stories in our own true light, then who will? With the mainstream focusing on click-bait scams and crypto coin rug pulls, DAO Magazine will capture the builders who are dedicating their time, energy and sweat equity into creating the future of work and open-source collaboration.

2. Struggling W2 Editors

Independent writers and artists are often financially limited with marketing and promotion. They are beholden to advertisers and shady publishers who don’t care about the culture. We’ve seen this with recent newsroom strikes and walk-outs.

These groups generally do not have a large, if any, budget for marketing and promotion, let alone professional development resources.

3. Outdated Content Ownership Ecosystem

When magazines and publications die, it’s because they lack infrastructure. But is it the writer who is at a lost the most. Writers’ work is not saved or backed up, the hosting site just disappears into the ether, and history is lost forever. I’ve seen this happen multiple times with my own content. The goal is to create a content management system where digital content and our stories about building web3 can live on the blockchain, “forever.”

Solutions: Decentralized Media Process

  1. Payment Process On Chain

DAO Magazine will build a seamless editorial process, which will decrease the time between writers submitting their work and getting it published. This will result in the creation of high quality content for our readers. We will be able to achieve this through utilizing our talented contributors from Violet Summer Zine web2 community and recruiting new crypto storytellers in the web3 network.

  1. Upvoting New Story Ideas

With the success of Violet Summer, we want to take it to the next level. Our editorial team is one of the main pillars and drivers of all the ideas coming together. We want to create community-driven content by allowing our community to upvote stories we will feature in the very first DAO magazine. This will allow for more equitable distribution and ensure that we are devoting time & energy to stories our community actually wants to read! The proposed editorial content in DAO Magazine will be presented as “soft proposals” from our editorial board from podcasts, videos, research, and technical writing topics. Once our upvoting content

  1. Open Source Editorial Content:
    This magazine will include 15-20 stories about DAOs and will detail the inner workings of the most forward-thinking business structures for creators of our time.
  • Our governors will serve as editors and storytellers, using their skillset to contribute unique stories while the community will upvote stories and ideas that they would like to read, share, recommend, trade, etc.

  • We will include a bounty system so our community will also be able to contribute their thoughts and ideas to DAO magazine. We will use Coinvise to facilitate the $READ tokens and bounties.

  • Community Upvoting stories through Governance

  • Editor ownership of writing through IPFS and smart contracts

  • Writer Compensation via tokens and smart contracts

  • Web3 Writer Education Resource powered by The Violet Verse

  1. Seamless Editorial Distribution

DAO magazine will be distributed as a token gated website, a VR space and physical coffee table book to be printed and distributed by Mel Writes, LLC.

  • DAO Magazine will be distributed via IPFS and as a unique smart contract on Harmony. We’ll collaborate with Harmony’s protocol to ensure content is strategically archived.
  • DAO Magazine will also be accessible via a VR-site built on Harmony’s ecosystem. This will essentially be a DAO Magazine storefront and promotional space for all things DAO Magazine by Violet Summer DAO.


Violet Summer is excited to release DAO Magazine, a unique set of writing powered by Harmony.

  • 1 DAO Magazine Zine ( 200+ pages, digital format and content tokens)
  • Token gated structure and community for bounties and writer payments
  • $READ token powered by Coinvise and Harmony

Editorial Team The Governors

  1. Melissa Henderson is a prolific lifestyle writer and digital media executive with past roots at The Huffington Post, The Onion, and Gizmodo, among other mainstream outlets. Her speciality is creative storytelling mixed with an international tech lifestyle approach. In 2016, she began her journey into independent journalism by publishing essays and raising awareness about the dangers of revenge porn and online bullying. By 2017, she discovered blockchain and fell down the crypto rabbit hole. Currently, she is creating content in futuristic formats through her brand Violet Summer®️, where readers can experience her zine in VR and as NFTs at violet summer zine dot com. Melissa keeps her audience updated on the latest crypto trends, insights and with her weekly newsletter Crypto in The City. She is Head of Community, ApeWorX, a smart contract python-based developer framework. Her mission and priority are to document and bring together the spirit and personality of urban culture.

  2. Bellamy Brewster is a Creative Director and a visual artist based in New York City specializing in photography, design, and film. He currently tours and documents grammy-winning artists and producers.

  3. Deanna First is an Illustrator New York based artist Deanna First’s work centers on her fascination for the female form and capturing the many personalities of her muses. She explores these themes through a combination of pencil, marker, watercolor and digital editing. A broad range of illustration styles sets her work apart from the crowd.

  4. Melanie Elizabeth is a media agency that focuses on helping bloggers, podcasters, social media influencers, and small businesses engage and grow their audience.

  5. Khalil Hayward is an editor and writer from Ebony and Blavity

  6. Dani Spence is a Product Designer Co-founder of korii DAO and member of HER DAO and Plant Dudes DAO. Former Digital Product Designer @ AHIMA. Passionate about connecting brands and influencers to the web3 ecosystem.

  7. Alex Gonzalez is a creative director and educator from New York.

  8. Morgan Henderson is a New York-based supply chain manager. She has worked as an executive for COTY for over 7 years and is now Product Manager at Revlon.

  9. Ramona Jones is a New York based publicist.


So necessary - crypto culture is so exciting and changing rapidly right now and we need to document and celebrate as it happens! Love this proposal, can’t wait to see where Violet Summer goes.


Thank you Sunny! I am super excited about your journey and mission as well!

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I can’t wait to see how this unfolds as I’m an avid reader of your Crypto in the City and Violet Summer articles! If anyone can capture the crypto culture in its breadth it’s you. You speak to all audiences, newbies and veterans. Get it Mel!


Amazing initiative! Mainstream media does not show the colorful culture of web 3, and we need people within the space to tell it in the best way we can.


Thank you Ale!!! I agree! We need more storytellers and this passion to share yours and others keeps growing as I meet so many inspiring people!

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Excited to have you as a contributor with your expertise on data!


Hope to see this get funded. Think it would be great to be live during Women’s history month. :female_sign: :muscle: :clap:


Thank you so much! Appreciate the support and looking forward to documenting your Web3 journey!

Great to see this proposal! Let us know how MAD can help! Also have some DAOs to include in the zine!

This is fantastic! I remember seeing your first publication of Violet Summer with Issue 1 and now look at where it has grown in the crypto space! I look forward to contributing as an avid follower to the Web3 space! Thank you so much for this!

Thank you Genny! I’m excited to have you as a governor! I’d love for you to cover the VEGAN/SUSTAINABILITY movement in the web3 space! You and Sunny would be great to connect!

Capturing stories about the Web3 space is essential. Time and time again people told us they got into the space because they saw someone who resonates with them make it. Also incentivizing people to create content is big in the space, already know a bunch of blockchains looking for this, and something Harmony shouldn’t ignore.


I’m excited to document Minority Programmers DAO! I am looking forward to inviting Melanie to write about your achievements and movement!

This makes my heart and spirit so elated! Imagine how many people will benefit from this niche content! How exciting!

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Love this project. I cant wait too see another issue of violet summer !

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Thanks Ramona! I am so looking forward to this project with you and know you bring your dynamic skills to the web3 space!

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Thanks Morgan! We are excited to see your recommendations with products that will be associated with the DAO Magazine!

Hi! Just a quick update!

Editorial: We are working on stories for NFT.LA, ETH Denver and DAO RUSH WEEK! If you’d like to be included, please DM us on Twitter:

Voting: We’ll conduct polls on our Discord Server here: violetsummerzine's server

Meeting: The First Meeting is this Sunday March 20th on Zoom . We will send the recording here to let you guys know who came and the input! We’ll have meeting every two weeks. Anyone can join. People who attend will receive tokens

Platform: Still scoping out the platform. It will be a mix of Substack, VR and Mirror. Since mirror is open source, the Harmony token will probably work best.

That’s all for now! Thank you!


You’re a fantastic storyteller and the perfect person to push creative content to which all w3b readers can resonate, share and connect. Excellent proposal; I’m excited about the amount of value it will add to the community.

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