Harmony Turkey DAO


Application Type

Community DAO

Proposal Overview

Harmony brought a new breath to cryptocurrencies, both technologically and as a community. Although these developments excite us and many people like us, there are still many people we can reach. At this stage, we want to be part of the Harmony ecosystem and represent it in our region. We want to convey this technological transformation to other people in our region, support new projects, and strengthen harmony and crypto communities.

Our DAO is aiming to consisting long-term and sustainable project to bring new people to the ecosystem regularly. This proposal will give us an opportunity to begin great events, establishing online communities, collection of governors etc.

Firstly, we will gather our governors to build ground. After that, step by step with feedbacks, we will proceed on this path.

Our Governors

  • Tolga Yayci ( Technical Support )

  • Mert Köklü ( Educational Staff )

  • Özge Er ( Operational Support )

  • Kasra Sheikholeslami ( Online Communities )

  • Merve Sude Öztürk ( Broadcasts )

  • Süedanur Akın ( Marketing for new projects )

  • Kursat Sazak ( Financial/Account )

  • A Berk Demir ( Legal Issues )

  • Emir İsler ( Event Organizer )

Tolga Yaycı:

Co-founder of VoldemArt and experienced full stack developer. He had completed various web applications and strongly interested in cloud technologies. He has been dealing with cryptocurrencies and smart contracts since 2021. He is doing his undergraduate studies in computer science and leading the VoldemArt development team.


Mert Köklü

Intelligent Video Analytics Developer and Metaverse Explorer. He had created an AI pipeline using NVIDIA Technologies. By bringing blockchain and artificial intelligence together, he is planning to create an intelligent artificial consensus mechanism. He is doing his undergraduate studies in computer science


Özge Er

Industrial design student mainly focused on brand identity and social media design. She is striving to combine creativity with a strategic approach to shape contemporary solutions. She is into various art forms sucha as floral design, photography and media art. She has floral design working experience more than two years.


Kasra Sheikholeslami:

Leader of the VoldemArt project, cryptocurrency investor and long-term trader. Interesting with project to expand the network, reaching new people to develop new technologies. Although there are a few entrepreneurial attempts, it has now turned its focus to having a place in the technologies of the future.

Süedanur Akın:

She has been volunteering in different projects and volunteer instructor for Habitat association for 1 years. At the same time, She has been a member of the board of directors of the ACM Student Chapter for 2 years. She took part in the preparation of various organizations.

She is doing her undergraduate studies in electric and electronic.


Merve Sude Öztürk:

We added another governor to our team, who has a bachelor’s degree in medicine, and impressed us a lot with her rhetoric. She has been involved with social media for years and has been following the NFTs world closely. Being a part of the Harmony ecosystem and creating the future with it is what really excites him.

Kursat Sazak:

Co-founder of VoldemArt and dealing with social issues. While continuing his undergraduate degree in sociology, he will contribute to the DAO program in both legal matters and cost calculations. The main factor behind his high motivation for this project is his belief that crypto technologies will shape the future, and he will do this in an ecosystem like Harmony, which has a serious position in the field.

Ahmet Berk Demir:

Our governor, who is newly acquainted with cryptocurrency technologies and continues his law license, is interested in subjects such as commercial law and wants to be a part of this project. He will inform us about legal issues and will make detailed and comprehensive presentations in his field at our organizations.

Emir İsler:

We think that the vision and scope of this team, which we have formed with people from different fields, will be broader. That’s why we got our team a governor who continues his license in architecture. Beyond art and structure, he seeks to integrate them with blockchain technology. He will also assist in the selection of venues and the decoration of these selected spaces and will make presentations in the field of architecture and crypto.

Agreed with all governors, they are ready for the launch of DAO. The precaution we will take in the face of any governor’s resignation or unexpected departure is the election of the new governor along with other governors.

According to the feedback, there may be changes in the governors and this will be decided by the DAO. The vote will be done in a private chat with all governors present and require at least a 60% vote in favor of removal. That is why we will closely follow the feedback on the events we will organize.

One governor will not be superior to another governor, the equality of ideas, not the dominance, will remain.

Our Goals are:

Online Communities:

  • Setting up regional online communities and diffusing the new people as we can
  • Recruiting new moderators and consisting of management community
  • Bringing interactive feedback system and creation of communication channels that you can reach at any time
  • Broadcasting on YouTube, Spotify to expand the community
  • Evaluating the ecosystem with the leaders of the crypto and technology world via accessible channels
  • Governors’ meetings with moderators to control the requirements
  • Brainstorms and rewarding quizzes

General Technical Support:

  • Governors will decide to recruit enough technical workforce, both on paid and volunteer basis

  • Promotion of innovative technologies and harmony ecosystem in universities and technology communities

  • Providing technical support for new projects, providing free personal when necessary, ensuring their inclusion in the Harmony ecosystem

  • Supporting the ecosystem in the feedback of software bugs and their repair

  • Responsibility of the technical part in new projects where the governors will vote and decide

  • Solution of problems in the technical infrastructure of the DAO project and technical infrastructure support

  • Creating technical documentation to inform people, reduce lingering doubts

Meet-up Events:

  • The governors will approve the plan created for the organization. If they do not approve, they will explain why and allow time to devise another plan.
  • For the expansion of the community and the efficiency of the meeting goals, the documents and speakers in the meetings will be evaluated by the governors.
  • After the meeting, the situation will be evaluated, these will be statistically transferred to paper and presented to the governors. After the governors make the necessary evaluation, plan changes and arrangements will be made according to the feedbacks from both the governors and the ecosystem.
  • In the globalizing world, while the latest technology trends constitute the main topics, social events will also be included to increase the productivity in order to increase the motivation of the community.
  • High participation will be aimed at the meetings, communication opportunities with qualified and willing people will be increased, and new projects will be started for them.
  • The meetings will start in the big cities of the region first, and then spread towards the periphery. As we reach the targets, new plans will be made for the places that we cannot reach, and in time, extra-regional activities will be organized.



  • Meeting of all governors and evaluating the situations
  • Start the translation of “open.harmony.one”, examination and checking of the governors
  • Creation of social media accounts (platforms will decided by the governors, Twitter and Telegram will be essential)


  • Meeting and discussing how we can reach more people
  • Presantation of the organizator to the other governors to debate about Meet-ups
  • 1st meet-up in a major city of Turkey, introduction the team of DAO, gathering feedbacks and transferring to statistics data.
  • Online meeting of the governors to check the 2nd meet-up process, pre-organization term
  • 2nd Meet-up in a major city of Turkey, publication of our 3 months schedule, reaching new people and expanding the team of Turkey DAO

3 months period:

1st Month

  • 10+ Online Events

  • 1 Meet-up

  • 2+ Campus Educational Program

  • 10+ Documentation

  • 1 Workshop

2nd Month

  • 20+ Online Events

  • 2 Meet-up

  • 4+ Campus Educational Program

  • 20+ Documentation

  • 2 Workshops

3rd Month

  • 20+ Online Events

  • 2 Meet-up

  • 4+ Campus Educational Program

  • 10+ Documentation

  • 2 Workshops

In the end of this schedule, we will have done:

  • Reaching and communication face-to-face with min. 1250 people

  • 40+ documentation

  • Increased $ONE awareness

  • Interaction in online events more than 5000+ people

  • Techincal support to new projects and their integration with Harmony

  • And successful DAO system.


We have created a gradual payment plan for the funds we request to maintain the transparency of our work and accountability. We divide it into stages and request funding in a mutually trusting relationship, providing feedback for each completed stage.

In this DAO program that we want to implement, we have planned from simple to complex. First, we will complete the basic steps in other DAO programs and demand their payment. After that, we will be able to activate our 3-month program that we really want to do. In this way, we will implement our first month’s plan, which we have defined as “Step 1”, with the money from our first 3 funding.

Average cost prices of the DAO Program:

  • $100/hr x 40 Hours/mth x 3 Months x 6 Paid Governors

  • $150/hr x 40 Hours/mth x 3 Months x 3 Paid Envoy

  • Total Funding Requested for Governor Compensation: $72,000.00 + $54,000.00 = $126,000.00

  • Translation of “open.harmony.one” to the Turkish $10,000.00

  • 1000 active members on Twitter: $10,000.00

  • 2 meetups for 50 people each: $10,000.00

Meet-up in major cities of Turkey (at least 5 times)

  • For each meeting up we need approx. $7,000.00

  • $500.00 foods, $300.00 beverages, $500.00 transportation, $3,000.00 place for at least 50 people, miscellaneous $700.00, organization $2,000.00

Online communities

  • $100.00 per online special event (at least 10)

  • Moderators for the social media, $200.00 salary per person for monthly

  • Rewarding quizzes totally ($1,000.00)

  • Designer program monthly $80.00 for 3 months → $240.00

  • Adobe Creative Cloude All Apps

  • Documentation $50.00 for each

Technical issues:

  • Education program for youngs in Turkey to join them into the Web 3.0. Educational program in major universities: transportation and educational materials $500.00

  • Workshop for the technical team to educate the new trainee $500.00 monthly

Queue of milestones and their funding requests:

  • Translation of “open.harmony.one” to the Turkish: $10,000.00

  • 1000 active members on Twitter: $10,000.00

  • 2 meetups for 50 people each: $10,000.00

  • Step 1: $24,000.00 for 6 Governors, $18,000.00 for 3 Envoys, 1 Meet-up $7,000.00, for Moderators $400.00, 10 Online Events $1,000.00, Designer Program $80.00, 10 Documentation $500.00, 2 Educational Programs $1,000.00, 1 Workshop $500.00, 1 Governor Meeting $100.00. Subtotal: $52,580.00 Safety Net: $5,258.00 Total: $57,838.00

  • Step 2: $24,000.00 for 6 Governors, $18,000.00 for 3 Envoys, 2 Meet-up $14,000.00, for Moderators $400.00, 20 Online Events $2,000.00, Designer Program $80.00, 20 Documentations $1,000.00, 4 Educational Programs $2,000.00, 2 Workshops $1,000.00, 1 Governor Meeting $100.00. Subtotal: $62,580.00 Safety Net: $6,258.00 Total: $68,838.00

  • Step 3: $24,000.00 for 6 Governors, $18,000.00 for 3 Envoys, 2 Meet-up $14,000.00, for Moderators $400.00, 20 Online Events $2,000.00, Designer Program $80.00, 10 Documentations $500.00, 4 Educational Programs $2,000.00, 2 Workshops $1,000.00, 1 Governor Meeting $100.00. Subtotal: $62,080.00 Safety Net: $6,208.00 Total: $68,288.00

  • Total Funding Request: $10,000.00 Translation, $10,000.00 Twitter, 2 Meet-up $10,000.00, Step 1-2-3 $194,634.00 → $224,964.00

External Links:

turkeydao.one (Reserved by our technical staff)

Twitter: @HarmonyTurkey

!!Other governors “Linkedin” links are didn’t fit due to new user restrictions. We can provide in case of need.

MultiSig Wallet with permission of 5-out-9 governors: 0xBa0c66b5776bb706956Ec17180C8f0dbC4F1DcDD



Hello @Kursat_Sazak and thanks for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing this proposal.

I, personally, am aware of how large the Turkish community is for crypto and am excited at the prospect of working together. Harmony x Turkey could only mean good things. :slight_smile:


We will follow the evaluation process with excitement. Thank you for your nice answer. :blush:

There is a serious interest in blockchain technologies in Turkey and we want to reach these people as a team, work with them and include new projects in the ecosystem. We want to support this growing interest, especially among young people, with social media tools and actively help with the training programs we will create at universities.

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Turkish Harmonaut community is huge! Good to see this DAO forming.


Excited for this DAO, Kursat! Being from Turkey myself, I am looking forward to this DAO bringing the best of Harmony to the Turkish community. Great to see such a well thought out proposal. :clap:


Warm welcome and merhaba, our Turkish Governors!

Really happy to see this amazing proposal for the Turkish Community DAO

This might help you for further planning:

 5 initial deliverables for each regional DAO

* $10k for translating [open.harmony.one](https://open.harmony.one/).
* $10k for host 2 meetups for 50 people each
* $10k for partnering with a regional hackathon of 100 developers.
* $10k for sourcing 5 approved grantees from that language or region.
* $10k for growing public community to 1,000 active members on Twitter.

Thank you @nickv very much for your nice comments and support.

We are aware of the grant planning, so we have created our plan to include it. Considering the intense interest in Turkey, we thought that a normal DAO program would not be enough, and we expanded the scope even more.

As you can see in our detailed budget and payment planning, we have added the DAO grant program you mentioned as a starting point (the first 3 phase), and we want to expand our DAO program gradually and create a large community. That’s why we planned monthly payments. We need more funds for our DAO program not to be just a start, but for the 3-month plan we really want to implement.


hi Kursat,

There is another submission for a Turkish DAO here: TDAO - Harmony Turkish DAO - Funding Proposals / DAOs - Harmony Community Forum

Curious to see how these two submissions can work together and bring the best of Harmony to the Turkish community.

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Hello @HarmonyUniverse

First of all, thank you for following the issue closely and giving your feedback. As you said, the increasing interest in both Harmony and cryptocurrency technologies from Turkey is good news for all of us.

We had the opportunity to review the TDAO project you linked to us, and I was excited to read the project created by such a qualied team. The idea of cooperation you mentioned is also quite logical, but it doesn’t seem possible for it to be structural. Because we gathered our team and drew a path accordingly. Besides, the TDAO project, unlike us, is more focused on technical aspects and has different goals. Although it does not seem possible for us to unite structurally, we would love to make various collaborations in the future.

We would like to mention one more thing, which is that we planned our program as a review period until February, but we are approaching the end of January and we have no idea whether we will get approval. As a result, we are late for the things we should be doing and we keep our team waiting. Any information on the subject will relax and stretch both our team and our program.

Thank you again for your interest, we look forward to your good news.

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Hello @Kursat_Sazak! Thank you for drafting up this proposal. Your efforts to forge Harmony into Turkey is appreciated.

I see you have 3 “goals” for your DAO. Are these to be considered the DAO’s mandates, as well? Harmony DAO’s should have 3 clear-and-concise mandates, with two subclauses, that can fit within a tweet. For example, the Regional DAO mandates are as follows:

:bulb: Regional DAO Mandate:

Growth : Onboard users on missions and culture, pollinate values across communities

Engagement : Amplify content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products

Diversity : Solicit voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation

I’ve noted that what the Harmony Turkey DAO hopes to accomplish is a fusion of Regional DAO milestones with expanding the scope of the DAO. I think a gradual expansion is a fantastic idea.

I would love to see Harmony Turkey DAO begin as a Regional DAO. Meeting, or working towards, these initial deliverables in the first 3 months:

  • $10k for translating open.harmony.one.
  • $10k for host 2 meetups for 50 people each
  • $10k for partnering with a regional hackathon of 100 developers.
  • $10k for sourcing 5 approved grantees from that language or region.
  • $10k for growing public community to 1,000 active members on Twitter.

Translation, social media engagement, and local meet-ups is a terrific launchpad for gradual expansion of the Harmony Turkey DAO. Upon each successful milestone, the DAO will submit an invoice to Harmony to receive the bounty. It’s worth mentioning that once funds have entered a DAO’s treasury Harmony has no control on how the funds are distributed. That is up to the current governors and community.

It would be beneficial for the DAO to have a certain number of governors to be located in the region where the meet-ups will be taking place. Harmony does not pay for travel expenses. Once a DAO is self-sustainable the community and the governors can utilize their treasury in however they deem necessary.

With the obvious interest in Harmony in Turkey, we are very favorable to the idea of funding a DAO focused on that area. Also, with the interest, and with the decentralized nature of DAOs, we can hold a community wide election for this DAO.

To sum it up:

  1. 3 clear-and-concise mandates.
  2. Turkey DAO begins as a Regional DAO. Meeting, progressing towards, or exceeding the Regional DAO initial deliverables before expanding as a DAO.
  3. Schedule a first term election due to the interest in a Harmony DAO in Turkey. And schedule a tentative second election around 3 months from first election date.

Looking forward to your responses!

@Sam @giv


Thank you for your compliments and attention @frwrdslosh

While determining our targets, we took the “regional DAO mandate” as reference and created it accordingly. So we can assume that our “mandates” are in the link you left:

• Growth: Onboard users on missions and culture, pollinate values across communities

• Engagement: Amplify content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products

• Diversity: Solicit voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation

Unfortunately, since an organized Turkish community has not been established yet, we could not elect our first ambassadors. We tried to form a team with as diverse and qualified people as possible, and we thought of their tenure of 3 months, starting from February. As a result, our first election date will be at the beginning of May. The term of service of our ambassadors who came through elections in May will be 3 months and our second election date will be in August.

Another issue that has been on our minds is that we cannot find a clear guideline for regional hackathons. Is there a resource we can use for this?

We thought of a more comprehensive DAO program to respond to the interest in blockchain technologies in Turkey, to reach large audiences and to lay the groundwork for new projects as much as possible. Thus, we would have introduced the Harmony ecosystem to Turkey. We, too, were considering going step by step, starting with the regional DAO guideline. We want to bring this wonderful DAO to Turkey by completing the milestones you mentioned as soon as possible. Thank you again for your interest and, assuming that we have received approval, we begin to take the steps you have indicated.


Hello @frwrdslosh , I wanted to share a new information post due to the developments.

With great enthusiasm we have embarked on the DAO program, we have translated more than thirty documents at “open.harmony.one”. Where should we upload existing translations?

Also, do we need to create a snapshot account?

Looking forward to your responses, have a nice day!


from what I see we have 2 different applications for DAOs in Turkey:

  1. Harmony Turkey DAO
  2. TDAO - Harmony Turkish DAO

not obvious if any is approved?

maybe both teams can combine together and pass governors through voting as that stated in our dao framework?


That is what I have proposed and said should happen as well. Governors should be elected to one Turkey DAO.

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We have already applied and Slosh responded us. We asked again just to be sure about approval via DM. After that, we have started to translation and now we are uploading our translation to the tk.harmony.one. Also we planned meet-ups and their arrangements almost done. Our governors work, so we are on the road. @nickv

As we mentioned earlier, we formed up our regional DAO program. @HarmonyUniverse asked us to colloboration with Harmony TDAO, and we responded it on upper post.


Hello harmonouts!

We look forward to sharing the latest progress of TurkeyDAO. We have completed the translation of the first phase of our program, open.harmony.one! We request you to go to the link tk.harmony.one (it might changes in the future to the tr.harmony.one), take a look at what we have done, and let us know about the shortcomings you see. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this process.

We filled the grant funding form, and my KYC is already done.

Thus, we have completed the:

$10k for translating open.harmony.one.

We request the $10k grant for translation. @lij @frwrdslosh

Multi-sig wallet:




Turkish version of “open.harmony.one”:


I did consider it to be a positive idea to hold a first term election.

@nickv @HarmonyUniverse

I believe a first term election could still take place. Seeing as how the milestones are paid as bounties, those working on translations, etc. to this point could still be paid out from DAO treasury.


We read the regional dao guidelines and can’t find the election guide. There is no harmony DAO at Turkey and we would like to start with our team to initialize fastly a regional DAO in Turkey and make a wide community in Turkey for the next term. To make a selection, firstly we need to create a community and open election system.

Portugal DAO and Spanish DAO started with the same way, we would like the start with same as Portugal and Spanish DAOs and make a clear election system for second term.



I feel the same, because what we are doing by onboarding regional DAOs is first of changing the mindset from centralisation to open participation for everyone and showing the value of community appreciation with the very 1st step done towards a newly generated dao. - This is ELECTIONS for governors.


@Kursat_Sazak, I do really love what you and the team have already accomplished by discussing Turk DAO frame. We’ve finally got to the point when it’s clear for any side involved that ONETrDAO will follow the procedure of a regional DAO by Harmony but a few basics for DAOs are missing on that page. This is not someone’s fault, this is how our forum works.

Usually, team (either internal cores, either external contributors) releases tons of written content and there’s a specific post describing the Process for starting and funding a DAO.

You may want to take a look at and I will highlight a few important points that shouldn’t been missed or skipped if we’re heading to build a fair DAOs onboarding process:

So, in our current situation when we have 2 different applications for ONETrDAO at the Initial period before the DAO is fully formed as a result we have 16 people who are willing to contribute as Governors for Harmony in Turkey. In this case, the only fair way to decide who is the first Governing Council for Turk DAO is an ON-CHAIN ELECTIONS. For that every candidate has up to 6 week to prepare himself, organise initial (let’s say tiny group of harmony supporters from Turkey) community, pass through AMA with the community and submit his candidacy for elections.

we have even more than 9 - time for voting

@Kursat_Sazak, @CanerT, please read this https://talk.harmony.one/t/our-update-on-harmony-daos/1848;

In turn, we (regional and community dao governors; cc @frwrdslosh @HarmonyUniverse) will help to organise and pass through this simple but cornerstone principal of any DAO.


Considering this, I can admit that there’s a big room for improvements in our DAO process, but we should not forget that what we’re doing now is an advanced experiment and together we can adjust and refine to perfection (if a final perfection is possible in fast developing blockchain industry :smiley:)