SpeedStar ‘Work to Earn’ NFT Game

Finally a Defi game with a beautiful graphic! This is a rare gem. Plus, I think you are one of the coolest team I’ve ever seen. Cheers for hellfactory :slight_smile:


Love to see how this game going next🔥
Artwork is so incredible :heart_eyes:


The most promissing project right now :heart:


Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

This has been assigned to @papi

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.


Thank you for letting us know this is being reviewed. If you or anyone else would like us to add more substance to our proposal, please do let us know and I will endeavour to provide it.

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Speed Star… So happy i got there in the last minting … Team all doxed, allways comited to achieve all the highlighted on the road map, we cant be more happy with them, so involved with the Comunity, fixing their issues in a totally personal way… I can Also say the game is soo Good! , since day 1 we read the WP and got impressed by the highly complexity involved in the game. The UI works like a charm, the art desing its simple but classy, those horses and player characters bounce and behaive in the must elegant manner… As you see i love this game… Hope you give them this Marvelous oportunity of also, run for this prestigious grant… Enjoy!


This is such a cool concept for a NFT game, well done!

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Given that the game has actually launched and people enjoy playing it, this seems like an excellent use of community funds to support whether they need the money or not (and if they don’t, this is throwing good money after good, ie good investment where return is realized by the ecosystem at large).

It’ll be great if we can get a collection of great games going on Harmony and attract the wider crypto audience to us as the home of gaming. I hope Harmony grants this project and keeps investing in gaming more generally.

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Just here to add my support to this project. I believe it’s great addition to Harmony with a lot of features not seen elsewhere in other NFT projects/games

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Personally have to say that the way Speed star has launch has not been to the benefit of the Harmony community or their players, and allowed few to profit immensely.
The launch of their JOC token allowed 5 address to purchase the major of the supply at launch (first 5 transactions) and I have fears that they may easily have connects to the team. Basically equating to insider trading. Would like harmony team to do further research if at all possible

Hi, as this is the first time you have posted I am grateful to you for taking the time to comment on our application - and we welcome all comments whether they are positive or negative. The launch of all the tokens was done via ‘fair launch’ and one of the great things about the blockchain is it never lies. Consequently, timing, liquidity and wallet addresses of buyers are all available for all to see. So, I can assure you there was no insider trading and the core team has conducted itself with the upmost integrity throughout. However, if you have any evidence to substantiate any inappropriate financial activity from the team, I would be interested to know about it. You are correct that a limited number of wallets using bots benefited from the JOC launch and the amount of liquidity that was available. I personally missed being one of the first wallets by a fraction of a second as my own transaction failed on Sushi-swap. With the benefit of hindsight, if there had been a limit on transactions this may have negated the bots, but implementing that sort of system would in all likelihood have caused its own issues. If you would like to discuss this me further, please feel free to DM me in our discord channel.


I will strongly disagree with this. I have followed Speedstar from the very beginning and in fact I was reluctant to mint my first OG horse (I am glad I did).

To say that the way Speedstar launch has not been beneficial to the players or community is quite baffling because in my eyes is exactly the opposite and the team — looking from outside in — is doing everything to help all players and investors equally. As an example, they extended life span of horses and airdropped extra ranch items to early supporters upon community feedback. And they very much are in tune to the community feedback. I believe it’s largely in team’s culture (they’re mostly Thai as far as I know).

As far as JOC launch — that’s the nature of stealth or fair launch. We can debate pros and cons of different launch procedures but I believe due to the permissionless and decentralised nature or blockchain, it’s nigh impossible for team to prevent this in case of stealth or fair launch of a token (which is why I often recommend raising funds in launchpad).

Disclaimer: I am one of early investors aka I minted OG horse and after seeing value proposition from this team I invested more. Currently, heavily in negative due to market down turn, it’s however one of the projects I believe in on Harmony.

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Hi, I was wondering when we might hear anything about how our application is progressing? Please do let me know if any further information is required

Hey team - a few of our team members are now trying out the game. A few questions:

  • can you please share the audit report from inspex?

  • I just want to confirm - SpeedStar is not deployed on any other chain, just Harmony mainnet, correct?

  • Why’d you choose Harmony as the home for SpeedStar? We’re happy you did.

  • We want game devs to stay for a long time, what incentive does your team have for maintaining the game on Harmony, growing the player base, and for general support in case players have issues?

  • Do you have plans for going cross-chain? Please share.

  • Do you have plans for localization into other languages? If so, please share.

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Also - will you consider submitting you dapp on DappRadar? It’s easy - go here:


They can help with marketing to users, etc. But first step is tracking metrics and they’ll need smart contract addresses.

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The fact that a project of this caliber and at this stage of it’s development has not been approved for a 50k grant is mind boggling. The WP is best in class, the tokenomics are so thoughtful that it takes a Phd to understand them, and the game actually launched (to an extent), has a playable race track, and offers an earnings model that is only being challenged by the market conditions.

We need more dedicated Harmony community members to keep track of projects, deep dive, read WPs, explore tokenomics, and to engage with these projects and their communities. How could SpeedStars be beyond the radar of the ‘Grant Team’?

Apologies, but this is a mess and SpeedStars is the most fleshed out project on Harmony at this moment.


Hi Papi, glad to hear some of the Harmony team members are now playing! =D

Just a note that race winners are mainly now determined by certain stats that the horse is birthed with. This will change dramatically when training is released and there will be an entire shift in the way players progress in the game. They will be buying a horse off the market or birthing it then building it up for podium wins. Can’t wait!


Hi Papi,

I have drafted a response to your questions and I am just waiting for the CEO to sign them off, so please give me some time. As you may appreciate it is not always easy getting stuff translated etc :wink: I will endeavour to get these to you as quickly as possible.

The dapp submission is in the process of being actioned.


Hi, many thanks for getting back to us, and we really appreciate you doing so. Please note the following responses to your questions:

  • Details of the Inspex audit are available here Inspex Library

  • You asked whether we were deployed in any other chain. Please note that Speed Star is only deployed on Harmony.

  • You asked ‘Why’d you choose Harmony as the home for SpeedStar?’ Our AMA with Harmony last Friday actually answered this question - we stated in that forum “Because we see Harmony as a network with high growth potential and we sincerely hope that we can grow with Harmony. We therefore chose to focus primarily on starting with Harmony. And we don’t have just the Speed Star game launching on Harmony. We’re also moving our existing platforms on BSC and ERC20 to HRC20 as well, which is a pretty risky bet, but we think that Harmony can grow significantly.” this answer can easily be verified by going in the Harmony Server Discord

  • You asked about our incentives. We most certainly have a number of incentives for staying on Harmony! As has been mentioned above, our funds have been moved on to Harmony, so we certainly have a financial incentive to stay!! In addition our suite of games that is currently in development is being designed completely with Harmony blockchain in mind, especially the low transaction fees and lightning speeds that are ideal for GameFi.
    We would like to consider our proposed business plan offers a fantastic opportunity for a game from a developing country to make a significant impact upon the crypto world, so we would consider this certainly incentivises us to remain and make a success, not only for ourselves but for the community of players who can play the game with no upfront costs.
    We are committed to continual growth and development and are looking at growing the player base of Speed Star to in excess of 100,000 players. This question was also asked in our recent AMA Discord ), where we stated “In terms of marketing we plan to attract new players from all over the world through famous influencers, YouTubers, and streamers in different continents. We believe that because our game is a ‘work to earn’ style game and is also a multiplayer game that it will appeal to with both investor and the player who wants to play for free. Through the various in-game career systems, we want people to come and play and also to enjoy playing our game. I would include in this the mini-games that we are developing, and we are hoping this will be more rewarding than some of the click to earn games that exist on various chains. Basically we want people to enjoy playing our game! Plus we have some biz plans to help attract players to the reward pools section.”
    In terms of general support for players we have a team of over 40 people in situ, and this means to date we have been able to give a very personal service when players have required support. I am confident members of the community will back this up. We aim to be responsive and adaptive, and a successful grant application will only aid us in moving forwards.

  • In terms of plans for going cross-chain, again we were asked this question in our recent AMA with you in Discord - our response was to say “Yes, this has been considered, but we will wait until after we have opened all the features this year before reconsidering whether to expand or not onto other chains.”
    At time of writing our intention is to work collaboratively with Harmony in order for us to both mutually benefit. We recognise Harmony is the ideal blockchain for game developers for a variety of reasons mentioned above. It is our position that we have an amazing game that ticks so many boxes in terms of practical issues such as fun, excitement and the potential to be financially rewarding, but also with regards to diversity, inclusivity and equality (DEI) issues. Consequently, we would absolutely welcome the opportunity of working closely with the chain. Initiatives such as the grant programme are certainly compelling reasons to remain here.

  • In terms of other languages, please note our app is currently available in Thai and also in English. However, we very much perceive our game will have a global presence and so we plan to launch the app in a number of languages to promote our DEI agenda. It is noteworthy that our project has a much larger presence within Asian gaming communities, and particularly in Japan. Therefore, we have community mods who are fluent in a number of languages to augment this. As we mentioned in our application, we are attempting to move away from the ‘western-centric’ ethos in blockchain games.


I think the team is doing an awesome job in creating a really fun play-and-earn game on Harmony! This is the first game I actually enjoy playing, since I get a real thrill when I see my horses winning races. I believe that Speed Star can attract a lot of new users to the Harmony blockchain and further position Harmony as the go-to chain for Gamefi!