SpeedStar ‘Work to Earn’ NFT Game

Ok team - we are excited to approve you for $50,000 grant. Let’s discuss the milestones. Please list the 5 milestones you want to commit to, each with a distribution of $10,000. Let’s focus on milestones that are specific to the launch of the game (a multisig is not a milestone for example).

We will not be participating in the $250,000 investment, but can introduce you to venture partners and you can pitch to them directly.

List them here and let’s agree on them.

Meanwhile, to prepare receiving funds, email your identification documents to kyc@harmony.one and create a Gnosis Safe MultiSig wallet at https://multisig.harmony.one and using instructions below
:arrow_right: Setup Gnosis Safe with MetaMask & 1Wallet

Checkout the Funding FAQ for further info at Harmony Funding FAQ. Please join the Harmony Grants Telegram channel and Harmony’s Discord server.

Read about our Harmony Ventures Network program if you are seeking to raise capital.

We’d love :blue_heart: to see weekly updates on this thread here, to keep the community posted on this proposal’s progress!

Several of our team members also provide feedback as they tested the game. I’ll share those shortly…


Several of the Harmony team tested the game and here is their feedback:


The game part of the game seems secondary as you have to click through the “player” icon to get to it; wild horse run isn’t live yet obv; you can “work” but passcode locked. Aesthetic is like a Jackie Lawson e-card alas. You can buy on tofunft and farm, can stake facilities, 137k locked in yield farming with a kajillion percent APR. Of course unfinished, but not the most compelling on the surface


  1. The game provides no instructions for players to get started. I’ve googled, looked on their website, and watched videos hoping for instructions. Most of the information I’ve found just tells what you’re able to do in the game, but lacks how to actually do it.

  2. There seems to be a number of dead ends through links in the game-- “No data to display”. Though this might be because you need to initially begin the game to generate this data, the game lacks reasoning, guidance, and stimulation.

  3. Marketplace items are expensive. (You can also bid–it’s cheaper.) On the website, it encourages you to buy a horse through the marketplace to get started. Though, once in the marketplace, you’re left with only stables and facilities to purchase. These stables are at a fixed price of about $50. I have yet to see horses in the marketplace.

  4. Unclear direction of how to gain tokens. Under “player”, I was hopeful in seeing that I could sign up for work. Once in the space, you are required to enter a passcode. The site does not mention how to obtain/create a passcode. Another dead end.

Overall: if this game were to launch into a space for everyday users to play, they would need to implement clear guidelines (how-to’s) and definitions. Specifically if they’re hoping to reach a larger scale through google play and the apple store, users lack the guidance to understand how to play, and the education of what they are playing for.

I’ve noticed it more commonly be the “web3” way to shout “yield farming”, “stake”, etc. but the common person has no ability to understand, (and more importantly–trust), what they are doing and what they are getting into in this game. Without timely periods of research.


Based on my 10 minutes or so on the game - I think they figured out the animation and the game mechanics pretty well.

But they need a “Get Started” guide…

Their music gives me an early Wii vibe - which a lot of people are a fan of.

And I would be interested to see what the “play” is in the game. Is it: random features based on minting an NFT and THAT is what makes me better? Or is it: I spend the time training / breeding / etc of my horses and that is what makes me better?

This is only feedback based on (a) connecting my wallet and poking around and (b) watching that short youtube.


What I Like:

— Reminds me of a Wii game. Simple. Potentially catchy and fun. Universal audience.

— The breeding and racing aspect seems like a fun way to keep players coming back.

— The art style of the menus, jockeys, and horses are simple (in a very good way) and playful.

What I Dislike:

— I don’t understand how to navigate the in-game menus. It’s a bit confusing for me as someone who just jumped into the game.

— The music is all over the place and keeps changing when I switch screens. Going back to the main menu results in completely different music than when I first visited. This can cause some disorientation as players expect a level or screen to have the same music when they return. It helps associate an experience with your senses. Related, the music stopped playing for me for some reason, and now nothing plays.

— I wish the menus showed some more in-game views. For example, if you go to Breed, the background should show your player in the stable tending to your horse. If you click on Player, it should show your jockey lounging around with applicable options on the side.

— Too many submenus can be confusing when navigating. Example: I start at Menu, then I can click Horses. From Horses I can click Hire (am I hiring a horse…?). From there I choose a career (I thought I was hiring…) so I decide to pick Race. Now I see I have no horses, but there’s no option to breed a horse, instead I have to transfer them… but I have none to begin with so what do I do?

TLDR: Looks like a potentially catchy and fun (cute?) game that can be enjoyed by a lot of people. But the menus make it super confusing to play and I end up quitting before I can enjoy it.


Wanted to chime in on one of the points mentioned above to say that these NFTs had several version updates during the launch process, which does lead to confusion. However, there are a decent amount of horses listed on Tofu under v4. The floor price is an affordable 110 ONE!


Valuable feedback!!! :heart_eyes:

Hi Peter, many thanks for this and on behalf of all the Speed Star community, we are very grateful to you!

I will get this information over to you in due course.

We are also grateful to your colleagues who have provided valuable feedback and this will be relayed back to the team. A number of guides are provided, but we need to link them to the app -


Congrats Speed Star, happy to hear the grant is approved. :blue_heart:


Hi Papi

After discussing this with the team and seriously taking on board the comments from you and your team members, we thought the following might be milestones that would actually have utility and help the game. How do these sound?? Obviously happy to revisit if necessary

After launching SpeedStar on the Harmony mainnet with audit $10k (achieved)
After 2K daily active users $10k
After releasing a ‘get started guide’ including YouTube and WP manual guide $10K
After releasing Wild Horse Run and Horse Training mode $10K
After releasing in-house Marketplace and Betting $10K


Congrats on the approval , hoping this project brings some needed TVL to Harmony :wink: Goodluck!

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I love these milestones, as they a project specific and feasible, given the current degree of completion. I also commend the SpeedStar team for launching and giving the Harmony community a project with measurable progress prior to being granted and funded.


Hi Peter

Just wondering if you had chance to review our milestones and whether you thought them relevant?


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Be sure to set up your multisig and submit grant distro requests here:


And tag me after you submit the request please.

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That’s great - thanks and will do

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Hi Peter, the KYC documents have been sent in from the CEO, have they been received do you know?


Hi Peter, the request has been submitted for part of the tranche ($10K as having a game launched with audit) - the CEO was asking about how to show you the daily active users as this is in his database logs rather than in the game UI, if you could let me know what information is required for proving that, it would be great.

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My horse and staking disappeared 9 day ago, the manner of “support” doesn’t instil trust

Hi, firstly I apologise that you have had this problem and please be assured I will do everything I can to rectify this issue. If you could reach out to me on the speedstar discord I will pass this on to the dev team. My discord name is the same as in here. If you are not on discord then please contact me on our TG. If you do not want to contact me via those forums please let me know on here and I’ll find a workaround.

Hi, I am just checking whether you still require support with your horses. If you do, please do contact me and I will get this sorted.

Hello, i’m now speaking with a second support staff, hopefully this will be resolved soon

Hi @papi

I have been reading on another thread that milestone grants are now not being honoured, could you please let me know if this is the case?


Hi @papi

As existing guidelines are now paying milestones for approved grants, could you please let me know what, if any information you require from us in order to release funding??

We have completed all the KYC documents, submitted the grant distribution request form and the 5/9 Multi-sig has been completed 0x77bb7da642e293bd8bfd67d06aa2d13a3f53b7ba