Sponsoring Blockchain@Columbia LionHack 2022

Hi everyone!

Blockchain@Columbia (LionDAO) is hosting a 3-day hackathon on April 1-3 for over 300 builders in the space. The majority of participants will be university undergraduates and graduate students with some full-time engineers attending as well!

We’re big fans of Harmony and the ecosystem that you guys have developed and would love for Harmony to sponsor and participate in the hackathon.

Sponsorship Info here:

Our Gold sponsors currently are Solana, Jump Crypto, a16z, Multicoin, and Polygon! We hope for Harmony to be represented as one of the main tracks on the Multichain track as a Gold sponsor.

Please see https://www.lionhack.xyz/ for more information on what we’re up to!


Blockchain@Columbia President

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we are excited to be sponsoring LionHACK and we have approved this proposal so that harmony can support developers and builders at this hackathon in April.

per our guidelines on supporting events, particularly for developers: $300M+ on Bounties, Grants & DAOs 1

this hackathon has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer