The Ambassador DAO

Big thank you to the Ambassador DAO governors for churning out the first tranche requirements. The requirements were written into the original proposal to ensure the DAO is ready to begin taking action at first round of funding. These requirements ensure a foundation is drafted, allowing this DAO to build on top a solid, well thought-out framework.

That said, I’ve reviewed the research and resources the DAO has provided and confirm that per-requisites are met by this update. Please proceed to /grant-funding and fill the form as your final step to receiving first tranche.

Once again, thanks again to all the governors and I look forward to working closely on delivering more to community platforms, providing support to them in a less risky and documented manner, and scaling meet ups to 100 cities by EoY.


the ambassador dao has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


Thank you all for your participation and support on the Ambassador DAO.
We are working diligently to scale to 100 cities by the end of this year!

A little bit of what we have been working on:

  • Today (2/19/2022) is our FIRST Ambassador DAO event which will take place in El Salvador, hosted by @themessenger

  • Next week (2/26/2022) will be our SECOND Ambassador DAO event taking place in the Philippines, hosted by @laet4x

  • Next month, we will be hosting another event in Mexico with our host Jasper (Details TBA)

  • Next month, we will be hosting another event in Africa with our host Del Titus Bawuah with Ghana Unity DAO He is connected to the government in Africa & to his country at a large scale.
    We believe as far as funding goes, these would be slightly higher profile events while having a much larger impact while also encouraging cultural diversity & education to youth in Africa as well as underprivileged communities
    (this may require separate funding proposal, as higher up government officials & royalty may be present)

I have been heavily focusing on creating a repeatable process for scaling (and training ambassadors) with the help of @mvelasco, and also putting efforts into building international connections to promote growth of the Harmony ecosystem. We are currently at EthDenver & we are making a lot of connections and meeting candidates from around the world for Ambassador DAO. I believe once we return, we will refocus on our target cities including US cities.

Thank you all!
Much love

-Rachel💙 & @mvelasco


@TheHighIndian hit me if you’re setting up something for SXSW.


I’m based in Austin (born /raised) and I would like to get something going here, ethAustin is this weekend and me and the wife are going to Consensus 2022 (huge lineup) which is here in Austin this year in June, I would like to rep Harmony here in Austin… I had a great time at EthDenver where i met a lot of you… been with Harmony since Pangea testnet… not sure what I need to do. Sxsw is happening now and I’ve been wearing Harmony gear lol.


@Don_Holland please hop in.


Thanks :pray: joining now


Love what you guys are doing!

At we write about DAOs and would love to write about you once you make some more progress.

We have also just started a youtube channel and just finished two recordings. Need to post them on youtube yet :-).

We can do a youtube video about how you came up with the idea, how did you come together as a team and how do you plan to operate.

Another thing is that we are having an onboarding platform DoDao. Its in private testing phase, but we would love to write onboarding guides for you.

This proposal explains in detail about DoDAO Request for Grant -


Building a better future!!:pray::rocket::raised_hands::dart::partying_face::100::facepunch:


I couldn’t agree more! Great proposal! Really excited to see what great things you all do!!:dart::partying_face::100::innocent::raised_hands::pray:


Well done​:pray::facepunch::pray::grimacing::gift::fire_extinguisher::eyes: ive re read this proposal several times!!!


Good luck champ! Thank you for being a channel to help provide publicity for people.


Great initiative! Our Slavic DAO would love to cooperate on events you plan. We could help you set up event in Prague (Czech) or Bratislava (Slovakia).

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Feel free to get in touch with us via telegram - Telegram: Contact @slavicdao

Hey @dpagan-harmony we’re coming into the dweb space from a traditional stack, our total focus is on incentivizing community and facilitating realtime events, and we currently run the Bluesky community on a pretty tight budget. We would love to put in a proposal to do Harmony-incentivized community events encouraging people to host events and get paid in Harmony. But we don’t have our own dapp yet. Would it still make sense for us to enter a proposal?

I hope I see this, I haven’t been on harmony much and I’m not sure how the notifications work! I’m also at, gvelez17 on discord, twitter, github and most other places.

Where can i apply for ambassadorship ?

Hey Shubham,

We are currently looking for meet-up ambassadors! Does that interest you?

Feel free to message me on telegram and we can discuss further @WellnessOne

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Request to Meet Minimum Operational Expenses


It’s time for the Ambassador DAO to request an additional round of funding. However, we’re aware that there are changes on the horizon for DAO funding. That being said, the Ambassador DAO would like to request for one month instead of a full second round of funding to ensure that:

a. We cover backpay owed to our signatories
b. We cover costs for events already planned for May
c. We cover costs for shipping merch

The Ambassador DAO wishes to maintain momentum while continuing to grow our Harmony community around the world. We have calculated the minimum amount of operational expenses that we would need to finish out the month.

ADAO One Month Funding

May events : $30,000

  • We aim to host 15 events for the month of May. $30,000 would give us enough wiggle room to host the maximum number of events at the maximum amount of $2000 per event. As usual, these events educate local community members about Harmony and its ecosystem.

May Signatory Hours : $12,000

  • 10 hours a week per each signatory
  • This includes the 3 meetup signatories + Shawn for accounting
  • 40 hour total at $75/hour = $12,000

April Signatory hours : $15,000

  • $15,000 to cover 200 hours outstanding signatory pay

Shipping Merch : $1000

  • $1,000 - Shipping costs

Minimum Operation Expenses = $58,000

Additionally: We will return all excess funds if not used.

ADAO Event Documentation Photos, Videos, Social Media Posts:

Month 4: May Events (In Progress)

Month 3: April Events Recap

Month 2: March Events Recap

Month 1: February Events Recap

Cost Effectiveness:

We have been cost effective with our events, and have exceeded our original deliverables as a DAO.

  • Our original goal was 14 events in months 1 & 2. We ended up holding 27 events in months 1, 2, & 3.
  • We are halfway through months 3 & 4, have been able to run off the budget for months 1 & 2.

The Ambassador DAO meet up section has exceeded goals set by the ADAO funding proposal and done so in a cost efficient manner. Our governors and ambassadors worked tirelessly to host 27 events in three months. Additionally, as a DAO we have minimized expenses, paying out $30,042.66 for meet-up events, ambassador pay, and governor pay.

Event Statistics:
Click Here for Detailed Event Statistics

Monthly Trends Events Held Attendees Cost Cost/Attendee Max Possible Cost Margin Below Budget
February 2 35 $1,510.91 $43.17 $4,000.00 62.23%
March 10 176 $11,309.91 $64.26 $20,000.00 43.45%
April 15 346 $17,221.84 $49.77 $30,000.00 42.59%

Event Payments and Receipts:

Governor Pay:

Recipient Billed Hours Amount Paid (ONE) USD Value
Devin 9.18 3073.595263 688.5
Rachel 273.84 148133.6995 20538
Svaran 30.45 10195.0954 2283.75
Miguel 26.25 14032.43051 1968.75
Stephanie (unpaid) 24.92 0 0

View full time cards here:

Rachel - ADAO Timesheets - Google Sheets

Miguel - ADAO Timesheets - Google Sheets

Stephanie - ADAO Timesheets - Google Sheets

Svaran (retired) - ADAO Timesheets - Google Sheets

Devin (retired) - ADAO Timesheets - Google Sheets


Hype TV - Harmony Ambassador DAO - YouTube

Harmony ADAO Miami Meetup

Harmony ADAO Philippines Meetup

Harmony ADAO Buenos Aires Meetup

Harmony ADAO LA Meetup

Harmony ADAO SF Meetup


That’s a good one , you guys should drive to reach out to more areas around the globe

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Fancy plan. Best of luck Dpagan on project!