Validator DAO Council Candidate: HankTheCrank - Coinkin

Hey Fellow Validators!

While many call me Hank, I am Coinkin, a member of the HTC team. This is my candidacy for the Validator DAO.

I’d like to take the time to review the VDAO mandates and my comments about them.

1. Decentralization : bootstrap thousands of elected validators, grow diverse validator profiles

  • Many of the new validators, I helped with setting them up by providing step by step walk throughs with explanations of each step. My goal is to not only have new validators onboard but also have them understand the whole process of setting up a validator server. Even with Patrick :zap: EZ Node Validator 's new installer, I want to continue to help new and old validators with any questions they have about either process.
  • If a validator needs advice or has questions, I answer the question or find the answer. Many validators have asked me questions about how to build a community, how to setup a redundant server, how bidding works, etc.
  • I also advise new validators by sharing our experiences regarding what works and what doesn’t work from cloud services to marketing to building communities.

2. Security: support high staking rate, promote security practices and tooling

  • More can be done to improve the security of Harmony’s Validators. Many validators could benefit with assistance in setting up 2FA, SSH hardening and firewall protocols. I would like to improve the Harmony Docs in terms of increasing security. Better validator security will help make Harmony even better.
  • My plan would be to update the Harmony Docs to include different/better monitoring tools. It is important for validators to know when something goes wrong asap.

3. Participation: facilitate protocol upgrade proposals, recruit votes for improvements

  • I didn’t know this was mandate but I was already encouraging new unelected validators to vote. That was something that wasn’t very clear to me as a new validator that even though I was unelected, I could still vote.
  • My plan is to also be open and available for discussions regarding proposals and facilitate them as requested.

Thank for reading. If you have any further questions or comments let me know. I look forward to being abled to work with the other council members in achieving the VDAO mandates. If not, I of course will help in any way I am able.

Thank you for considering my candidacy!


Good to see your post!

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Great to see you are up for further involvement. Already an awesome community member and I’m sure the vdao will benefit from your inclusion.

My node wouldn’t be up and running if it weren’t for Coinkin (yes I also made the mistake of calling him Hank at the start).

Coinkin deserves recognition and I think he will be a great asset to the DAO. Also, he’s super approachable which is a trait often overlooked.

Extra point for him as he’s participating in #HarmonyBattleships

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Yes, I thought he was Hank as well lol… Great to see your support for Hank and the DAO…

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Absolutely, when I saw Coinkin annouce he was running for Council, I immediately signed up to post haha. People come to Harmony as investors, but stay for the community. I want to be more involved with the community.

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Great to see your nomination :call_me_hand:t3: wish you all the best for the election :pray:t3:

It’s great to see you running for the VDAO council. As far as I’m concerned, you meet all the qualities that one could wish for. I particularly resonate with the security part. The current documentation could definitely be improved and it would benefit new and old validators alike.

You ABSOLUTELY deserve it. Is there any validator you have NOT spent hours helping? LOL. I’d vote for you in an instant!

i’m glad that new validators are coming to the council!

Congrats on being elected as a VDAO Council of Governors, I’d like to add your Discord handle as a VDAO Council role on Harmony’s server. What is it? Thanks

@Jacksteroo Before my time was up I handed this over to the term 2 governors. I think they were compiling a list for harmony dragon of all node runners and also vdao governors for the discord tags. Maybe @ben2k_Stakeridoo or @frwrdslosh can provide an update?


Thanks for letting me know about this, glad I have already an overview but mainly with twitter and telegram to reach out but will organise to get discord information aswell :call_me_hand:t3:

I posted it in the first chat you guys had. I’m no longer in that chat though so I can’t go back and look who took charge of it.


That is my handle in discord

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