Validator DAO Council Q2 2022 Candidate: xLabGuyx Validator

Hello everyone,

Many of you have met me at some point as I have been popping around in various Reddit threads, Twitter Spaces, Discord servers, and Telegram chats. Some of you may also know me from the crowdfund effort last month to help out with my health issues. I want you guys to know that it has been a difficult journey but I am recovering well and feel stronger every day!

I noticed there was a shortcoming of candidates for the VDAO Q2 election and would like to offer my candidacy to the VDAO for this term

Here’s a breakdown of myself and what I can offer the VDAO:

  • As a medical laboratory scientist I am someone who always sees their tasks through with high attention to detail. There’s zero room for error when you work in a trauma center.
  • We MLS’s take great attention to detail and take lots of notes behind the scenes. Record keeping is vital for us in the medical field as we must always ensure optimal outcomes for our patients while protecting our licensure. Patient cases can be complicated so we habitually record why we do things as a safeguard for patient safety and the constant pressure of surprise inspections in the hospital
  • I’m also an MBA student who turned entrepreneur. Someone who understands how to run an organization with the many personalities that come with it
  • I also strive for transparency and articulate my points to avoid any miscommunication between colleagues
  • I also enjoy teaching and making ELI5 videos to help new delegators be educated about DeFi and Dapps once they finally make the choice to get off a CEX. I am always looking for new topics to address. I’m looking to be more active on, but I have not started yet as other recent events took priority.
  • Lastly, I am someone who is not afraid to take on a new challenge. Though I have no DAO governor experience, I am 100% confident in my ability to succeed in this role

You all have been nothing but supportive of me from day one and it would be my pleasure to serve the DAO if I am elected as governor for Q2 2022

Please let me know if you have any other questions

Location: PST Los Angeles, California


Nice to see that you applied! I hope you get elected and put this unshakable will at our community disposal!


Thanks CT! my secret agenda is actually to come here and kick some more butt! I’ve got a fair amount of time on my hands for the next couple of months so I really want to put them to good use, for all of us in this great community


Good to see your candidacy! Thank you!

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It’s awesome to see you’re recovering, my best wishes will be always with you. Also it is great to see you decided to apply. Hope to see you in term4!

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Glad to see you throw your hat in. Good luck my sir!

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Thanks RCC, I’m excited to offer any assistance to the VDAO. We have some exciting times ahead of us!

Thanks, Hound!

I’m excited to help out the VDAO this term in any capacity!

Thanks, PLH!,

It’s nice to have candidacy support after what I’ve gone through over the past couple months

Cheers to a new term and a bright future for the VDAO!

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