Community DAO Council Candidate: SirSapient

I, SirSapient, am officially submitting my nomination for a seat on the Harmony Protocol Community DAO Initial Council.

A little about me -
Most of my life and career has been centered around the arts and community. I’m a people person, I enjoy nothing more than a good conversation and being surrounded by friends. Through all my creative endeavors and entrepreneurial experiences, what has always been my strong suit was my intrinsic ability in allowing people to feel comfortable, accepted and welcomed.

I was first introduced to Harmony from a YouTube video which content promised lots of potential in the ONE coin. I liked the tech and believed in the potential and made my first investment into $ONE. Shortly after that first investment the release of the daVinci.Gallery came and my life changed forever. I fell in love with NFTs. My previous experience with art and collecting allowed a seamless transition into the world of NFTs and was one of the first collectors to make a home at the daVinci.Gallery.

My Role in Harmony-
If you know me from within the Harmony community you probably recognize me from the daVinci.Gallery or from the newly launched Harmony Punks NFT project. Both of these projects and the communities that surrounds them have been an amazing incentive for me and what has kept me engaged with this platform. My personality and passions are what naturally led me into these Community Manager roles. These positions have allowed me to help build and strengthen communities within Harmony and has brought me closer to other developers and core team members.

My plans for the future -
If elected, my plan is to treat this role as a extension of my current duties as a community leader. To extend my efforts towards the entire Harmony community and do my best to ensure everyone feels their voice is heard and feels comfortable and welcomed. Thank you for your time.

You can message me on twitter at: @sirsapient
or email at:


Glad to see you running!


As a recently Elected Developer Captain, I can confidently say that I would not have been recognized as one if it weren’t for SirSapient. He seeks to challenge the status quo while being an advocate for positive transformation within the Harmony Community. He see’s potential in others, and has your back when you need it most. Though we have never met personally, I can confidently say after exchanging many conversations with him that he has his head on his shoulders; he cares deeply about the project; he’s respected by artists; he’s a creative innovator - truly!

I’d vote for SirSapient.


You are to kind. I as well applaud you on all your efforts, passion and integrity you bring to this network.

Thank you! I really appreciate that!

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Good luck! I’m with you!

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Good luck with election :sparkles:

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