Introduce yourself here

Nice to meet you too Loge! :camera_flash:


@bloomin @Loge should run for creatives :eyes:


I would need to step away from my CEO position in order to contribute more time in a DAO to harmony. As much as I would love to join the DAO, I would want that to have my full attention


Ahoy there! ScatchyMonkey reporting for duty from a train ride somewhere in Blighty England. :face_with_monocle:
Press-ganged into validation for this cryptocurrency by my evil brother-in-law mere days ago for my nunchuck, bow-hunting and computer skills (mostly), I’m actually looking forward to being in on the lower floors on this venture and seeing where it takes us.

Fun fact: I normally develop on Windows with PowerShell. Should be interesting… :roll_eyes: :joy:


Howdy all!

Having followed Harmony for a few years now, I’m very excited to start working closer with the project, and like an instrument within a symphony, tuning into ONE melody.

I was born in South America, lived in the Philippines for some years, studied some time in Europe, and am now in the USA. All this to say that diversity and being open to different perspectives are all aspects that I embrace and appreciate in any community.

While my background is in business analytics and consulting, I first got into crypto in 2017 and have since been on a continuous self-teaching journey. I’m beyond excited to contribute and grow side-by-side with everyONE here.



Hello all, :wave:t3:.

André here. I’m from Brazil, actually Brazilian Navy Officer. Met ONE a year ago through the Sesameseed project. After it migrated, I had contact with this amazing community, and after reading all the papers and docs available, I saw a very big potential in the protocol. After staking for some time, decide to join the validator program and help secure the network.

I trully believe in the HarmonyOne and in its growth potential, limitless, boundless.


Hello! My name is Julio, learned about Harmony last year, but it wasn’t until this year that I saw the huge potential harmony and its ecosystem have to offer for the whole world not just the crypto community. I am learning Solidity, I want to code and create new things for harmony, I currently help an artist on Davinci Gallery, I have some good ideas that I would like to create on Harmony, with NFTs and TLDs, as well as a site to show off all your NFTs, like if someone walked in a room and sees all your NFTs hanging from the wall. I know there is something similar on ETH but I have a few features that I would love to implement. I need a team if someone is interested in working as a team and getting things done. I’m here to help ONE succeed and create useful things for the public.


Hi, my name is Rob Dawson.

I live up in northeast US. I found crypto this year after after listening to Elon Musk talk about Dogecoin. Since my daughters name is Harmony, it didn’t take me long to find the Harmony protocol and their amazing team!

I learned about crypto from YouTube and Facebook groups in the beginning. I was finding that groups were full of spam and not so friendly people so I ended up starting a new one with a mission to help new people. This group now has over 9.5k members from 100 different countries!!

I recently decided to take the next step and become a validator! My name is Peace Love and Harmony Validator :peace_symbol::blue_heart: I couldn’t have done it without the help and support from the validator mentor program. My computer experience comes from doing audio engineering mainly with ProTools, I’m not an expert. I’m very excited for this next chapter.

I got fired from my job this week, first time I’ve ever been fired in my life and I’m 42 years old.
You know what? It doesn’t bother me one bit! Thankfully I invested in my future and I’m not in the position that I would’ve been had this happen 1 year ago. I can take the time to find a job that is better fit for me. Ever since I invested in Harmony, I haven’t been financially unstable. It’s not because I’ve cashed any in either. Suddenly everything that I use to spend money on is less important to have, why spend money on something that just depreciates? I’ve overcome drug addiction, clean 10 years now. In my lifetime I’ve literally thrown out so much money to make the current day better because I’ve never really focused on the future. All that has changed now and I couldn’t be more excited for the future!!:blue_heart:

Sending Peace Love and Harmony to all :v::love_you_gesture:

Thank You Harmony team and community :peace_symbol::blue_heart:


Hello Harmony!

I’ve been an investor in ONE since the early days and now I am a builder on the Harmony network. You can read about our project Astra Invictus here: Astra Invictus - to the stars!

The inspiration for the project comes from a lifelong love of the stars and takes me back to when I was first dating my wife, Lori. I had bought a star book that mapped out the constellations and we spent many nights together with a red light shining on the book while looking up at the night sky to find our favorite stars. Shortly after that my wife used the names of the stars such as Vega, Aldebaran, Capella, etc., to name the individual pieces of her fashion line that was the culmination of her time at the University of Hawaii where she received her degree in fashion design.

After we got married and had two amazing children we would all study a deck of star cards while on vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii, memorizing the names for the brightest stars while being kept awake by the croak of koqui frogs in the distance.

This September our youngest moved away to start her first year of college at UC-Davis and we found ourselves alone together once again, looking back up at the stars in our backyard. I even picked up a telescope to look closer at the stars and to see Lori amazed at the rings of Saturn! Our long-time fascination has returned once again, only this time I have matched it with a basic understanding of blockchain technology and NFTs!

Lori is very busy right now taking care of her first business after working in the corporate world all these years, but she still takes time to look at the stars we are creating for Astra Invictus and to offer her advice. Her shop is called Classic Waves Boutique, open since January 1, and she is doing a great job! She is Classic and I am Rogue, which explains my twitter handle @roguewvz.

That’s our story, and we look forward to meeting new friends in the Harmony community!


Welcome Rob! Your future sounds exciting!

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Hi everyone. I represent Stepdad.Finance - and we launched our first dApp on the Harmony One Protocol on 10/08/21 called The community here has been overwhelmingly gracious and supportive, and we are super proud to join the team.

I personally have been an investor in harmony one since June of 2020 when I saw Binance was offering ~8% for staking, which feels like a lifetime ago. I didn’t realize what I had until the first round of dApps came out - Mochi, Viper, OneMoon (lol), and really got excited when I bought my first harmonypunk.

The team I am working with is super excited to bring new dAPPs to the NFT space, and help grow the ecosystem. On 10/20/21 we created a subreddit for harmony NFTs called r/hNFT, which is already growing nicely. So thanks for having us aboard, and I’d like to interact with you folks here and help every $ONE out as much as possible.


Thank you very much! I’m going wherever this exciting road takes me :blue_heart:

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Hey everyone, we are 5HG (“Five Head Games”).

We’re a newly formed group of developers originally working with multiple projects stemming from the Binance Smart Chain boom. We really love what Harmony is doing and want to contribute to the growing portfolio of projects launching on it.

What we have to offer is experience, quality, and accountability. Our latest project is called “Enders Gate”, NFT TCG. If I had to summarize it in one sentence, I’d say you could compare it to Yu-Gi-Oh, Hearthstone, or Magic the gathering with added Blockchain tech. Enders Gate is currently in the early stages of development so look forward to a demo demonstration sometime in December 2021. Here’s our twitter for updates:

To all new developers, teams, and innovators reading this, if you’re in need of assistance, feel free to reach out. We have a team of experienced writers, solidity developers, graphic designers, website developers, and marketing consultants available. Best contact would be discord, look for AfricanBeard


Just a rando.

Enjoying my Harmony One experience so far.


Hey all, its Norman. First learned about Harmony through some of the meetups in NYC.

I worked at JP Morgan for a little bit, but ended up leaving tradfi to do crypto fulltime. Now, I’m a fellow at Venture For America, an entrepreneurship program founded by Andrew Yang, and also team manager of, where we are building web3 apps, smartcontracts, and community currencies.

Love seeing the Harmony ecosystem grow, and definitely look forward to playing around with some of the cool products on this chain

And, if anyone here is in NYC, definitely ping me on Twitter @NormanQian – would love to grab coffee and chat with you all :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I’m Claire. I have known harmony since your success at Binance’s Launchpad back in 2019. I am very impressed how harmony can develop and be able to run an ecosystem of this size. I’m currently writing on several tech topics, including crypto and the metaverse on the Virtual Edge website I wish I could know more about harmony and how harmony was able to become a blockchain protocol capable of solving many complex problems in business


Hey everyone!

Shai here!

Excited about web3 and women’s empowerment!


**We’ve been working on a great proposal, can’t wait to share it with everybody! **


Hi there all you Harmony fans :wave: Great to see the life in this thread. I think good things are ahead for Harmony.
I am born and raised in Canada. I really enjoy outdoor sports like :skier: :woman_climbing: but a car crash messed me up enough to stop flying and sports. Over the last couple years I learned about crypto. First when managing my meager investments. The high yields were appealing but the freedom, security and strength of the new blockchain networks blew my mind.! :exploding_head: I believed right away they would change the world significantly. I dropped just about everything else to focus on cryptoeconomics.

When I read the whitepaper for Bitcoin I got very excited. The empowerment of the population in an almost unstoppable roll-out is thrilling to think about and even more to participate in! I have always enjoyed learning about alternative societies, lived in an eco-village for a year, and since young I have disliked capitalism due to its glaring defects and race-to-the-bottom destruction of the planet in the name of corporate greed. We don’t need to accept the paradigm. New tech is making our societies more equitable and fair for everyone. Redistributing wealth to the many. I love it. We can build the world we wish to live in.

I briefly got swept up in the tsunami of greed. It didn’t take long before I realized chasing five digit APYs left me feeling hollow inside. I started looking for projects aligned with my values and found myself involved in the early stages of creating a UBI project. I offered to write copy for the project and was accepted. The project was changing lives and we were forming a DAO when it fell apart. This lead me to DaoHaus and a shift in focus to human coordination.

Adrift with no project I came by Metagame,Sourcecred and DaoHaus. Then I ended up here somehow. I already like the sense of community, and the explicit guidelines and rules designed to maintain a civilized atmosphere. I am getting that excited feeling. I now understand some of the difference between the Binance Smart Chain and other networks.

I’m not a programmer but I am slowly learning. With my mobility reduced by some crushed nerves plus covid I found new freedom and new frontiers through my computer. Until my mad-hacker skills develop I will assist the community however I can. I enjoy writing and bringing communities together.

Looking forward to working with everyone to spread some Harmony love.


Hi guys
My name is Nikita
I’m digital advertisement manager 30 y.o.

​​​​I became interested in crypto nearly 2 months ago. At first sight, it may be very late, but enough time to learn more.

Now I’m contributing to and we are looking for beta testers who will appreciate the game logic and give us feedback.

I would be grateful for any information where I can find beta testers.

If some of you want to be testers - please fill in the form
And join our Discord.