One Meme Dao proposal

ONE Meme Dao

Application Type

Community DAO

Proposal Overview

Harmony is a thriving blockchain currently competing for space in the crypto universe. And due to this highly competitive landscape, we need to differentiate among ourselves & make ourselves known in our daily race to reach the goal of onboarding 1 Mn users into Harmony.

Many public relations, advertising, and marketing professionals have embraced Internet memes. It is also dubbed as viral marketing and guerrilla marketing to create marketing “buzz” for their product or service. Memes are native to social media platforms. They are funny, entertaining, and easy to consume. But there is more to them than meets the eye, as Richard Dawkins repeatedly said.

“Meme marketing is an understated trend on social media that’s quickly becoming Popular”

So, it’s not surprising that memes have become a cultural phenomenon.

They’ve been used in different ways to spread various ideas. The best part of meme marketing is taking a concept that is gaining traction and piggyback on its popularity.

What are the benefits of Memes?


-Ability to go viral

-Leaving a lasting impression

Why did we choose memes as a form of communication of Harmony ONE and its larger Ecosystem?

We are Meme Smith, who sees this opportunity to contribute to the great Harmony ONE Ecosystem through only known language memes. We see Memes are the ways to Cultural Engagement and Community Development. We Want to Bring out the Wonders of ONE Harmony Ecosystem to Community Through Memes

Work Strategy

  • Make Memes to Promote ONE Ecosystem
  • Memes to Promote ONE Related Projects.
  • Memes to Promote ONE related event.
  • Create Community Traction & Engagement Through Memes.
  • Educational meme on some aspect of ONE
  • Comparing ONE to other chains
  • Comparing ONE Project to another Project
  • Trendsetting Keywords and Hashtags.
  • Host a meme competition once a month.

So my team and I would like to start a meme page that posts memes about Harmony One Current and niche happenings on ONE Ecosystem.


Sachin (Lead Governor) (Meme Lord)

Rahul ( Meme smith-1)

Sanjay ( Meme smith-2)

Ashwath ( Meme smith-3)

Aravind ( Meme smith-4)

Monish (Outreach & Collaboration)

Aslam ( Moderation)

Gurubaran (Digital Marketer)

Ranjith(Operation Manager)


  1. Laugh - ONE Memes DAO Aims to Create Memes to the ONE Ecosystem & its Projects in a sarcastic way which lets them hook into our memes & enjoy.
  2. Learn - ONE memes let users think & make an impact by creating value both to the users and Harmony.
  3. Engage - One Memes helps engage with users and helps in building a community & loyal fan following for the project. Eventually, the community will grow along with the project & will have a domino effect.


Month 1 :


Raise followers to 500.

Achieve accounts reached 750+

Post two quality memes daily, excluding Sunday


Raise followers to 500.

Organic Impressions reached 10k.

Three to five quote tweets on Harmony One content on a daily basis.

Reach out to other communities and share Harmony ONE posts.


Increase strength to 100 members.

Help people in answering their questions.

Month 2:


Raise followers to 1000.

Increase Engagement to 500 accounts.

Achieve accounts reached 2500+.

Post two quality memes daily, excluding Sunday.


Raise followers to 1000.

Organic Impressions reached 20k.

Three to five quote tweets on Harmony One content daily.

Reach out to other communities and shill the presence of Harmony ONE.


Increase strength to 200+ members.

Help people in answering their questions.

Month 3: Memes on various languages as well apart from English like Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, etc.


Raise followers to 1500.

Increase Engagement to 1000 accounts.

Achieve accounts reached 3000+.

Post two quality memes daily, excluding Sunday.


Raise followers to 1500.

Organic Impressions reached 30k.

Three to five quote tweets on Harmony One content daily.

Reach out to other communities and shill the presence of Harmony ONE.


Increase strength to 300+ members.

Help people in answering their questions

Proposal Ask

We are dedicating to each other to making memes and building community in making things easy for the people to understand. We expect to run the DAO upto 2 years with the Funding asked Quarterly with New Payment Plan.

Proposal Ask - $18K

Memes Creation - $5000 x 3 = $15000

Community Moderator - $500 x 3 = $1500

Safenet due to Volatility - $1500

Metrics for Success

  • Active Meme Community Within ONE Ecosystem
  • Collaborate with the ONE Ecosystem Projects and Promote
  • Help onboard More Users into Ecosystem through Educational Memes
  • Creating Buzz to the Upcoming Projects on Ecosystem.
  • DAO Collaborations
  • Cross Promotion of Memes to Other Crypto Projects
  • Community Engagement Through Competitions.
  • Encourage Developers to build on Through Memes

Let us all join together in helping the world build on Harmony.


Seems NEAR Team coming to harmony lol…
Reality chain …

Btw can you provide governors background details with linkedin link ?

And i suggest to decrease your meme budget… we all know meme is a very easy thing to make , lots of software there… and you guys asking 5000$ per month :smile:


Thanks for the proposal @Sachin. This appears to be much better suited as a bounty under the Creative DAO rather than a DAO on its own. I’m a fan of memes and appreciate the influential potential they can have, but the work involved does not seem fitted for a nine person governor led organization.

That said, I want to give you folks a path forward. For next steps, please reach out to the Creative DAO governors to continue a conversation and see if they’re interested in working. You can find the list of governors here: