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Proposal overview
Infinite Elements is a self-sustaining transformation platform with Harmony One-enabled micro-economies that inspire fast growth and radical lasting change. Through a global network of educational festivals and retreat experiences, Infinite Elements models sustainable communities in key locations around the world.

Infinite Elements acquires land and assembles self-sustaining communities that engage in social and environmental interventions supported by educational programs. Key activities include:

-Recurring events and retreats
-Building low-impact, eco homes and villages that generate revenue
-Local reforestation efforts such as our cattle land to Hemp farming
-An orphan guardian program where we will give children a home and community
-Sanctuary and breeding center for animals on the verge of extinction

We create communities of abundance and plant seeds that will grow into a new way of thinking, living and connecting with each other and the plants and animals with whom we co-exist with.

The transformations are captured and filmed each step of the way and shared with the world.

Benefits to Harmony:

Infinite Elements is relevant to the current state of Web3. With technologies like bridges and wallets coming to life, crypto is ripe to begin solving real-world problems. Conscious movements are increasingly committed to solving pressing social and environmental challenges of our time and Infinite Elements envisions vertically integrated financial, governance and coordination tooling that can provide a platform for change and lead by example worldwide

IE can be a large asset in marketing value reaching people all over the world through our events, education platforms, communities and documentary films!

With our large network of reforestation projects from the Amazon to Africa and our partnership with Silvi we can support in offsetting the Carbon footprint of various projects!

The Problem

Harmony and other token systems have yet to prove real-life applications and artificial micro-economies. The crypto market has a need for deeper rooted outreach programs that give people a sense of trust and security in investing and joining token-based systems. There is no mainstream education for regular people to understand and feel safe using crypto. Banks divert investments to things that are destroying our planet and controlling the people thus creating a lack of funding for protection of our planet’s life support systems.

We are living in a fast- paced growing and changing world. There is not sufficient education and alternative solutions for people to fully understand and adapt to new lifestyles. In less than 100 years we have deforested 1/3rd of the Earth, 80% of the animals that once thrived here are now extinct. 153 million children are orphans living in horrible conditions. An estimated 8 Million tons of plastic enters our oceans every year!

High-level roadmap:

  1. Acquire first inaugural land in Florida (appreciating asset)
  2. Produce partner festivals Fire Flies Forest Using One Token (SPONSOR PROPOSAL)
  3. Run first Infinite Elements cohort (Refer to deck)
  4. Host Recurring Educational Events
  5. Expand into new locations + repeat

External Links

[Infinite Harmony DECK]

Website (currently being updated to web3)


-Provide the world with information and tooling to live in harmony with the environment while incorporating web3-native best-practices

-Onramp conscious communities, festivals and international partners into web3 while scaling coordinated efforts

-Model and showcase on-chain regenerative practices. Becoming a interconnected web of support and inspiration for people to duplicate and grow our model of communities and events


  • Demonstrate a web3 One Token Micro Economy and grow that model around the world
  • Help other groups create their own local sustainable Harmony Powered One Token Communities
  • Create net-zero model education centers with exotic eco-housing structures
  • Host multiple inspirational events around the world using One Token as a base of monetary exchange
  • Support carbon-offsetting initiatives at Harmony and beyond through our reforestation projects with Silvi
  • Begin strategic acquisitions of ecologically endangered lands around the world
  • Educate people on Web3, decentralization, sustainability and mirror attributes to the metaverse
  • Take in displaced children per location and give them families in the community
  • Breed and rescue animals that are on the verge of extinction and release them into the wild
  • Create a new event/festival and community each year
  • Co-create a blueprint for people to live life in a happy, healthy and eco-friendly way
  • Inspire guests and visitors to explore their inner passions and dreams that align with the planet

Proposal Ask: $1M

Some of our Team/Advisors

We are a team of new world leaders, thinkers, creators and earth protectors that are here to help you

make the changes you want to see in the world! We consist of people of many cultures and wish to add new members from each country and culture. At the moment we consist of Native Americans, Africans, Americans, Colombians, Europeans, Australians, Costa Ricans.

We are excited to onboard some of the Harmony Team to create this project with us!

Kristalynn Love- Founder of Infinite Elements / Festival Producer / Manager / NLP life coach / Environmental Strategist / Animal husbantry

Djimo Serodio - Reforestation Tracking / Education & Advisor Founder of Just Learn and Silvi, Environmental technologist working on EdTech, AgTech, BlueTech and Web3

Will Bergey- Chief Operations Officer
20 years Project Management in multiple industries / 5.5 years Communications Engineer at NASA Classified by NASA as essential personnel / Adviser to NASA safety / Problem solver & analyzer

Lawrence Freberg- Native American Alliance & Advisor CEO and VP of Variorious from Concerts West to Jackson Music Studios, Influencer, Music Manager, Producer, Promoter, Creator / Writer / Producer Film, and TV. Writer, Performer. New Media Technologies.

Grant Lane- Emerald Horizons President Specializing in Hemp Logistics, Premium Genetics, High End Flower/Bio, Premium Extracts, Environmental and sustainability professional. Skilled in natural systems, environmental compliance, climate change vulnerability, sustainable design, public speaking, writing, and GIS modeling. Multidisciplinary with a Master of Business Administration - MBA focused in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School.

Vaughn Bergen - Coaching, Live Events, Leadership Development, Team Building, Training, Diversity & Inclusion, Career Development Coaching and Change Management.

Amaya Fernandez- 25 years International music event producer / Speaker at over 30 international events / Founder of Atlantis Academy & Mayan Heart Festival / Consultant for Eco- Sustainability projects in Colombia, Guatemala, Brasil, Costa Rica & Mexico

Liam Peters- IE Sponsor & Advisor / Reforestation Specialist / Engineer

Frederick Burke- Mechanical Design Engineer at Contractor / Aerospace / Project Engineer / Financial Planner / Coach/ Business Analyst
Investor / Entrepreneur / Speaker

Amanda Joy - Project Management / Founder of Totality Festival / Marketing / Logistics

Forest Soleil- Green Event Logistics / 11 years Event Design / Logistics & Production
6 years Marketing & Public Relations / Sustainable Green Events Educator & Advisor
Zero Waste Travel / Events & Lifestyle Consultant

Some of our Partners/Supporters

Heidi Cuppari (We will be implementing IE into their gaming systems)
Founder & Executive Director
Island 17 Web3 Game.

Will Basso
Master Builder for IE
Steve Frank

  • Blue zone scientist, Immortality Aficionado and Epic Human
    Nicholas Turner
  • Sustainability Champio n, Master Networker and Investor Relations
    Arian Roman
  • MIT Biochemist and CryptoCurrency Wiz Kid, Developed a Track and Trace System to develop individual medicins based on one’s DNA and ancestry + giving people back their genetic and digital ownership
    Caleb Marks
  • Light Warrior Genius Helped Develop a MicroBacteria that Eats RoundUp and Other Monsanto Toxins, turning them back into Organic Material, Currently Developing CryptoCurrency Systems, Smart Contracts and Works with Many Cannabis Companies. Has Agreed to Right Business Backing Letters for Your Project
    Johnny Smith
  • Multi Level Marketing Master Who is Developing his own Crypto to Help Us Sell Our Finished Goods
    Dave Dickson
  • Sustainability Guru, Cannabis/Hemp Professional and Currently Business Manager for Green Truth one of the best Superfood Companies on the Market. I wrote their business plan and helping them raise funds and will be one of our key partners so I’d like to set up a conference call with him ASAP maybe Tuesday-Thursday next week.
    Frankie Lee Yu
  • Finance Master and Co-Developer of The DigitAlll Wallet
    Jason Leeper
  • Master Film Maker, Kreation Films
    Luis Resto
  • Master Crypto Programmer
    Reggie Weedman - Master Farmer and Humanitarian
    Osiris Stevens
  • Inventor and Engineer, Developed Cutting Edge Solar Greenhouses that Double Crop Yield, 6+ generations in the Hemp Industry, Can Also Pull Water out of the Air for Greenhouses
    Phil Madrid
  • Business Manager of the Solar Greenhouse Company, Previous Head of Global iphone Sales

Would be awesome to build synergy between this project and the Sustainable Development DAO!

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Yes the more we all co-create the better it is for all of us! Thanks for the connection Metafarmer!

Wow yes the world needs this! Looking forward for this project to be the model for more sustainable projects to come! It feels that Infinite Elements has truly found a way to tackle some of our largest problems in our world today. With so many issues like child sex trafficking on the rise it is crucial that we see projects like this supported and come alive to make massive long lasting positive change in our society! Sign me up! I’m ready to see this happen in my community.


Really excited for this! Good work guys.

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Kristalynn, beautiful vision, and I know you are already in deep with this. Thank you for thinking about “mom” and building for a brighter future. In the next day or so I will dive in deeper and get involved in this DAO. Wholehearted support, And I vote ‘yes’ on funding this project.

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Thaks so much Marissa! Cant wait to have you on board in co creating with us!! Thanks for the support and love!

Thank you so much Suede! We are honored to have your support and I look forward to having your epic DAO connected with ours! Keep up the good work and sharing such beautiful energy and powerful light beams!

Thanks so much for the support Kellan! Happy that your part of our epic world wide team!!! All the way from Africa!!

@InfiniteHarmony thank you for the application. If seems to me this proposal is better suited for the DAO track vs Partnerships. If you are interested in switching this to a DAO proposal, please read the guidelines first. Thanks.


and let me know if you have any questions, please. @InfiniteHarmony :blue_heart:

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:raised_hands::pray::facepunch::100::partying_face::partying_face::dart::dart::rocket::rocket::rocket::gem::gem: awesome yall!!

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Thank you for the reply Giv. I was looking into the DAO and can see that a lot of parts of my project can be ran with a DAO. I was concerned about the requierment of changing governors every 3 months as I want teams that are dedicated and can learn what we are doing without having to train and catch new people up every 3 months. Im also unsure of how it works with being able to still guide my project with it as a DAO. I have worked on this project for over 5 years and still want to guide it and have a majority of the vote as to not have anyone take over or change what I have created. IE is also a very large project with many parts that I believe would be a great partner for Harmony to be able to test and use as a model for marketing and trials of a micro One Token economy. Through our many partner festivals.

Thank you so much for your time and I will look more into the DAO side of things. (When is the latest I can turn in this project as a DAO?)

Many Blessings

Thank you so much Knightireign please let me know if you would like to get involved !

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Hey I would totally love to get more info!! And possibly see if I can get involved somehow!! :pray::raised_hands::facepunch::rocket::dart::partying_face: Bless!

The Harmony DAO Ops team will resume approvals and funding on May, 1st. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we learn best practices and navigate the proposal process. In the meantime, please take a look at the updated DAO Funding Guidelines.

note: this comment is not an approval of the proposal

I really don’t see why Harmony should fund this request , hard to see any ROI on this , kinda getting tired of these wee woo spiritual mindfulness DAOs asking for money

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It’s because of Li’s obsession with DAOs. On the harmony 10x page literally no one on the team want to keep funding DAOs except for him.

Hello what DAO are you talking a about?

Very interesting. We have 1 acre of commerical land with a building and camp sites. We own it. We also would like to include mining crypto in the basement. Maybe you guys might want to start here in Tahoe. its only 3 hours from Harmony SF. Could be a retreat for Devs and investors first. show them how it works. If interested to talk contact me here. we think like you do. that total Crypto emersion is the thing that brings crypto to the world, NFT studio, Live Loft, Campsite, mining facility, Validator node workshops. Need to understand POW to really appreciate POS.