Introduce yourself here

Hey everyone I am Luka based in EU. I had multiple startups, lead one to IPO, then moved into blockchain and co-lead web3 accelerator program, mentored and invested into blockchain companies. Currently heading a digital marketing agency for web3 and focusing on angel investing. Love the community here and will see can I help somehow in the ecosystem


Thank you and glad to meet you @PaulaG !

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Appreciate your compliment, thanks! @Othman

Hi all, and thanks to everyone in the Harmony community, I watch and read and try to learn.
Im an artist and crypto degen trying to make his way through the world of defi, learning every day as i go :slight_smile:
just love the whole ethos behind harmony and try to use the network where i can as i travel through the cryptoverse :slight_smile: :smiley:
I try to learn a bit more each day

thanks again to all the people who contribute in every way

stay grounded :smiley:


welcome to Harmony @Earthcore

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have a good day

  1. Both knowledgable in Internet technology and legal& tech related issues.

  2. I want to be a contributor/ lead to this community, especially Web3 projects.

  3. I have more than 10 years web/mobile development, very solid and skillful experience in Full Stack. On the other hand, I have around 5 years experience about fundraising, pitch proposal draft, and business strategies and marketing research.


Hey Guys! great to be here and to be apart of such an amazing community.
As you can see I may be the most colourful tattooed person you’ll meet in this space :joy:

After meeting the Harmony guys in Miami I knew I wanted to get involved!
Woking for MAD has opened up the blockchain space around me and I can see the potential in Harmony and how it will be the future for many including myself.

Also I’m going to set up my own node and become a validator and hopefully help other people do the same.

With a few colleagues and friends I the space we are going a submit a DAO proposal soon.

Thank guys for the amazing opportunities you are creating for people :blue_heart:


Hey everyone! My name is Josh, I’m a young and inspired creator and currently hold the position of Chief Communications Officer at MAD | NFTs. I studied Spanish and Portuguese and during my degree, I founded two language societies to spread cultural awareness and community interaction. During a year in Lisbon, I also hosted over 20 workshops for non-Portuguese natives that educated them on cultural awareness and interactivity with the Portuguese community. I also ran tours for foreign visitors which introduced them to local Portuguese artwork and art communities.

Since leaving university I have worked at MAD | NFTs onboarding and educating creators, I run our Academy for further education of both creators and collectors, and I also co-host our Twitter spaces based on NFT education and adoption for creators and collectors around the world. I want to use my experience from the Art world, from helping build Harmony’s first education-based NFT marketplace, and from creating ecosystems of learning, to start a DAO focused on NFT education and adoption in Harmony. I believe the Harmony ecosystem has phenomenal potential for growth in the NFT market and I want to be part of a DAO that encourages this growth in a sustainable and well-educated manner. I can’t wait to get started and get to know you all better!


hay and welcome. Hope you dont mind me asking but what is MAD | NFTs?

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Thank you! MAD | NFTs is the newest NFT marketplace launching on Harmony :). We were previously in the Cardano ecosystem but are now launching with a much much better platform in the Harmony ecosystem with plans to eventually create a bridge between Cardano and Harmony. We are also among some of the first NFT platforms in any blockchain to accept fiat payments for NFTs. If you want to check out our new platform this is the domain name -


Just had a look, cool. I love how people can pay with fiat. I was speaking with an artist the other day and he felt one of the obstacles when attracting real artists is the learning curve of crypto, and why can’t it just be in ‘normal money’ as he put it.


Yes it’s a real obstacle for many new artists which is why we focused on launching with this solution in place. We want to make it as easy as posible for creators to start benefiting from NFTs which is why we also have a simple education course called our ‘Academy’ which we regularly add to. NFTs are great but theres still a lot of obstacles for most traditional artists so we’re doing all we can to remove these obstacles


Hello everyone in the HarmonyONE community. My name is James Quinif from Utica, Ohio and I have the pleasure of being our Village’s Mayor! Our family just LOVES everything crypto and really have narrowed down ONE as the ONE for us! We are excited to be located in a growing tech area and have worked with developers in our area since 2010 and look to spearhead growth and awareness throughout Central Ohio. I look forward to working with you all and what the future hold.


Been investing in Crypto for 1 year. I got it…but i still aint got it. I have a Commercial Building (3 stories) Live loft, YT and NFT Broadcast Studio and Crypto Mining in the basement. The Project is a working idea, but it needs your help. Will Harmony Support a working Broadcast studio? Like a small university for all things crypto. Im J, the building is in the Tahoe National Forrest. So what if…you could do anything you want with crypto all day and still have time for Hiking, biking, snow boarding, skiing, snow mobileing and even group meals and campground environment. I have no experience in the incubator/start up space but being able to work were you play and support your company plan as an all in experience can and will be part of the crypto freedoms. Find a company (ONE) put your heart in it. watch it grow. Can we create a business plan that will attract Harmonys income to the workers and grant and investment for Miners, Art supplys and the building of a school for Crypto. the CryptoDojo did i get out of the box too far. Take and mash it up with Harmony University for all things


Hi I’m Michael
Very interested in Harmony and what it is building. I would love to launch a NFT game project on Harmony.
Would be most interested in meeting/talking with tech specialists who can build multilayer games.


Hello everybody,

We are the Minority Programmers Association, an international network of developers unifying together to build socially impactful software projects and spread STEM education to marginalized communities (founded in 2019). We are just finishing up our DAO application and really excited to formally join the Harmony ecosystem!


welcome to Harmony @Michael

best of luck with your DAO application

Hello beautiful beings around the world!! Im so honored to meet all of you. My name is Kristalynn Love. I have dedicatd my life to be in service to this planet and to create sustainable solutions and projects to make the gratest changes for an abundante future for all life on this planet. I have spent the last few years creating my project Infinite Elements @InfiniteHarmony (if you want to check out and support our proposal with Harmony)

I had the honor of meeting a lot of the Harmony team at Denver ETH and was so blown away by the high consiouse vibrations and care they all carried. I felt right away that this was the group that i wanted to grow and create with.

I feel the best way I can contribute to this community is by giving support and advice for environmental focused groups. I am also a festival producer and would love to create places for the community to gather and share their gifts and projects in real life!

Im am curently looking for land in Florida to host my first festival that builds a sustainable web3 educational community and provides a self sustaining flow of income to support our non profit sectors (Reforestation, Animal Consorvation, Orphan Guardian Program and Education Platforms) We are in need of funding to push this project forward this year!

Let me know how we can support or connect our projects. Together we are stronger, Together we are re-creating the world we can all thrive in!