Introduce yourself here

I am a voyager
into the air
Perched on these edges
precisely aware

Timelessly dancing
moving with grace
Nothing enters
my mind in this place

I’m a block warrior
clever and brave
Buying the dip
is what I crave

This is my ethic
just be a joiner
Counter the FUD
and hug a no coiner

Not a schilling
bear trap bag holder
Patiently waiting
to place my buy order

I’m a block warrior
determined to rise
From terra firma
into the skies

Oh DAO partner
I have to admit
You are a degen
and a good fit

Together we venture
into the sky
Bonded forever
you are my guy

I’m a block warrior
moving in tune
Floating timelessly
up to the moon


And, I’m one of the founders of the LightItUpDAO. Let’s go!

LightItUpDAO Values:
As humans, we are curious and want to connect with others who share our interests. As artists, we delight and inspire, and create awareness with large images projected on prominent landmarks worldwide. As activists, we value principles of decentralization, privacy, immutability, equality and community. As builders, we learn mechanics, collaborate, and create assets. As educators, we circulate knowledge to bring awareness to issues that affect the progress of our society, and we immediately turn around to teach what we have learned. In a nutshell, build things, help others.

Personally, I am an organizer/entrepreneur and ‘jack of all trades’ in web2, brand manager, designer, UI/UX, novice coder, now turning all my attention to web3.

I’m a badass climber on trad, ice and aid, and I love to mentor new climbers. I have a deep love for the Colorado mountains, and the Utah desert, and I will defend these.

I hold a degree in economics from the University of Chicago, and was well on my way to becoming a capitalist, but followed a road of activism during the AIDS crisis in the 80s and 90s.

From my path through addiction and recovery I understand deeply the power of community, and the value of pulling up others.

I sit in men’s circles, and I am a man who is aware of his own triggers and shadows, and therefore, a man who does not act blindly from these.

I dig Harmony One, and perhaps, one day, I’d like to join the Harmony core team. Harmony family, please let me know what I can do to help you achieve your dream!

For me, 2022 is all about building skills to manage decentralized communities on the blockchain and help them thrive.


one of the highlights of ethdenver :heart:

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^^^^ This…so agree.

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I’m Soromos from Germany and wanted to say Hi :wink:

Currently, I’m in a bit of a transition phase of my life, because I just quit my job as an infrastructure project engineer and now mainly focusing on my own projects.
These include creating a youtube channel, learning to code, meeting new people…

I’m a bloody noob after all, but I know a thing or two about project/innovation management, investing, economics and social media.

So if anybody needs a helping hand or has a cool project i can participate, feel free to contact me :v:


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Welcome @Soromos Nice to see you in here as part of the Harmony community. If you are interested in outdoor projection art and image mapping we formed a DAO around that. Hit me back if that interests you, your skills with project management, investing and social media would translate to this DAO, and many others too.

Click on grants to see all the new projects coming online, also check out the Harmony Discord.

Lot’s happening here.


Hi all!

I’m a KERNEL Fellow, LexDAO LEETH certified Guild member as well as a Gitcoin Librarian.

Excited to work with and learn from Light It Up DAO as the DAO goes through the spin up process.

More about me at:


Hey Im Tal3s also known as Richard Mosko. I love to grow food and herbs, I also love building communities and networking together internationally through web development.

I want to apply my knowledge and skills and network as many strong DAO teams as we may to produce excellent results in many web to physical bridged communities as possible.

Please join us in building strong communities and let’s pool together resources and spread the word to like minds!


Love your explanation of who you are. Angel…

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Some people call me Jamie…(some people call me Maurice 'cause I speak of the pompatus of love) I am thrilled to be learning new skills, making art that says something and has meaning. As a LightItUp DAO governor I am being offered great opportunities to learn about NFTs and engage in en-lightened community action. Art can be many things.Our lives are a constantly shapeshifting performance piece; my fellow beings are the colors, the brushstrokes, life as our canvas! Jumping in mud puddles and dancing with glee…I came here to connect you and me!



My name is Andrew and I own Rocket Monsters NFT, a play to earn built on Unreal Engine 5. I have been looking at all things Harmony and I must say I am quite impressed. Everyone seems to be very helpful and there is a ton of information available which says a lot about a chain. I would love to contribute to Harmony in any way that I can by bringing expertise in game design, and Blockchain gaming. I would love the opportunity to see how much more Rocket Monsters could be on Harmony!

Welcome to the Harmony community!!

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Thank you, happy to be here!

Hi all,

My Name is Ryan Bevington (33yrs old), I am a retired Welsh international rugby player of 13 years based in Wales, UK UTC. My now retired life consists of working within MAD NFTS as Head of R&D. Since working in MAD NFTs I have embarked on countless hours of research, hosted spaces, conference calls, meetings, discord and conventions which I absolutely love and everything crypto.

After being a personal ONE holder even before the MAD NFT’s relationship started I was always impressed with their path and journey that aligns with MAD NFT’s. Since the relationship has blossomed with Harmony I was thrilled to meet with the Harmony Team in Miami (Dec 21) and since our meeting I have listened & talked in Harmony Spaces. I am excited to keep watching what Harmony are doing with their ecosystem, grants, education, web3, bridges, fees, speeds and their mass adoption goals. I was in awe with how open and welcoming the Harmony team are and I feel a synergy in core values and aspirations with myself and MAD NFT

Since learning and researching more about Harmony and their DAO’s this area excites me as I can see the vision and pathway being built by Harmony and setting a new future for us all.

I believe my experience of working as an integral part of multiple teams over many years, the ability to coach and be coached, work within strict rules and routines daily, the willingness to listen and learn from others, handling and overcoming team problems fast, running my own business and a small team of 14 people, being on several local committees, previously ran as Vice president of the chamber of trade for local businesses in my hometown, accepting and providing constructive criticism will all contribute to my ability to apply these skills in a DAO. I am not afraid to voice my opinion for the best interest of a team.

It would be an honour to get involved with Harmony and a DAO related to sport.

Something interesting about myself - I have been a butcher for 7 years (my own business) now sleeping partner and I have a great party trick if you ever meet me just ask.

Feel free to reach out - Twitter - @ryanbevington


About myself

I have an experiencein the crypto space for the past 2015. I am once a community managers at Rebaked, Among the pioneers of Amara finance Africa community, Gemyfi Africa community, Human protocol Africa community, and once an ambassador in a number of preputable projects including openocean global, Rebaked , zunami protocol, libra angels, invarch network, farswap ambassador, equilibrium, nepri, genshurio among others.
I have experience in management, engaging and moderating community on different crypto related social media, I am a key team player and can work alone and in team as well as excellent ability to multitask and facilitate growth and traction a project deserves. I am passionate and enthusiast of crypto projects, and their growth and traction, I like to count on success and I see failure as a starting point to achieve high and to learn more. I am ready to put effort, skills and hard-work to render my contribution to the cause of crypto growth in my region and the world at large and also to connect. I am Open for offers at and I have passion for growth first then renumeration

Rebaked- community moderator
Rebked chef- emerge the top performer
Amara finance Africa- community manager
Human protocol Africa- community manager
Open ocean global- ambassador
Castrum legions- centurion
Invarch Network- ambassador
Zunami protocol- ambassador
Gemyfi Africa- chat moderator


Wow Suede, that was very eloquent. You are a creative with lots of skills in your wheelhouse!

WOW! You are a motivated guy and I am inspired by what you just wrote!


Hi my name is Kenna! Recently, I met a lot of the Harmony members at ETHDenver, and man do they know how to let loose! Currently, I have my own marketing company with a focus on social media, social ads, website development, SEO, and lead generation. I am diving into the web3 space with ethDenver being my first conference of the year, but I will also be attending NFT LA, Bitcoin Miami, and EthAmsterdam, so hope to see you all there!

I would love to be more involved in the Harmony community. Everyone I have met has been so welcoming, and you can really tell there is a lot of helping eachother out and lifting eachother up mentality here. That really made me realize that being on the Harmony network aligns with my values, especially after they shared so much information about the “spirit” of DAO’s.

I have just submitted a DAO project to hopefully be accepted for a Harmony grant. We are working on a spiritual retreat DAO where DAO members get to vote on what practitioners they want, where they would like to have retreats and more! Currently we have our first retreat center for members so we are really starting to see the pieces fall into place. Thanks Universe! Check us out: RISINGDAO at: Rising DAO - Spiritual Retreats.

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Nice to meet you Adam :butterfly:


It’s my pleasure to connect too. Have a nice momentum